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Europe's Environment

environment and economics of Europe

Damages to vegetation and aquatic life, contamination of drinking water, damage to physical structures like buildings and monuments, and destroying the Black Forest are all effects of what? acid rain in Germany
What are the causes of air pollution in the United Kingdom? factories and vehicle emissions
Air pollution impacts the U.K. in what ways? health related issues(asthma and pneumonia), blackens buildings, threatens wildlife, and causes acid rain
Where did the worst nuclear reactor disaster occur? Chernobyl, Ukraine
Radioactive materials released into the atmosphere and other environmental effects such as harming agriculture in Northern and Eastern Europe were all caused by what event? explosion at Chernobyl
What caused the nuclear blast at Chernobyl? faulty reactor and human error
This economy system is based on individual choices and voluntary trade. The individuals answer the basic questions of what to produce, for whom to produce, and how to produce. What is it? market economy
In which country does the government own most of the large and important industries within its borders? Russia
What type of economy is dominated by methods and techniques that have strong social support even though they may be out of date? Traditional economy
This economy system is based on what the government decides what will be produced, how it will be produced, and how it will be distributed. What system is this? command economy
What economic system is a blends characteristics of command and market economies but falls closer to one form or another? mixed economy
The total amount of goods and services produced in a country in a year. GDP -- gross domestic product
Russia, the U.K., and Germany all have _____________ economies. mixed
A government orders trading to stop with another country to put pressure on the government of that other country. What is this? embargo
What are workers of a business or country including their education, training, skills, and health? human capital
Factories, machines, technologies, buildings, and properties needed to operate a business are all examples of what kind of capital? physical
The literacy rate of Russia, Germany, and the U.K. is nearly 100%. The workers are well trained and well educated which has helped the standard of living in these countries to improve. This proves that those countries have made large investments in _____ human capital
The Ural Mountains are an example of what kind of barrier in Europe. physical trade barrier
Uncle Shaun has risked his own money, times, ideas, and energy to start and run a business. He is an example of what? entrepreneur
What is tax on imports? tariff
The U.K. has a limit on how many American made cars can enter their country. This is an example of what? quota
Countries that invest in ____________ and _______ will most likely be stronger than those countries that do not. human capital and capital goods
Created by: beckydhenderson