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Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome vocabulary

Pax Romana Long period of peace and stability-200 years of no major wars under Roman rule (27 BC to 180 AD)
Aqueducts Man-made channels to carry water over long distances
Constantine The 1st Roman Emperor to adopt Christianity and protect religious freedom. He converted to Christianity and made Christianity the official religion of Rome
Barbarian Germanic group who invaded Rome brought an end to western Roman Empire. They do not share the same culture.
Panthenon A temple dedicated to all of the Roman Gods
Augustus 1st emperor of the Roman Empire
Patricians The upper class, nobility and wealthy landowners of Rome. About 5-6% of citizens in Rome.
Plebians Plebeians The lower class - everyone in ancient Rome except for the nobility. Farmers, artisans, traders. Could vote but NOT hold political office.
Republic Type of government where people elect leaders to make laws for them
Senate A counsel of rich and powerful Romans who helped run the city
Plebian Council The legislature assembly for the Roman Republic where commoners could pass and/or veto laws and try cases.
12 Tablets First Roman Law Code. The foundation of Roman law giving basic rights to all citizens
Gladiators Slaves who fought to the death to entertain Rome's population
Civil War A war fought between people of the same country
Hannibal The great commander from Carthage who crossed the Alps in the second Punic War (208-213 BC)
Roman Coliseum Built in 80 AD, seated 50,000 people. This building represents the invention of concrete
Romulus and Remus Twin brothers who founded the city of Rome according to legend. The twins mothers was a Latin woman, and their father was the war god-Mars.
Punic Wars Three wars fought between the Romans and Carthage to gain control of the Mediterranean Sea.
Mare Nostrum means "our sea" - after the Punic Wars, Romans controlled the Mediterranean Sea and its coastline
Circus Maximus The chariot racing stadium that held 50,000 spectators
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