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What were chistians ordered to fight in? A "Holy War"
What were the religous reasons why the Crusades happened? To reclaim the holy land; palestine and holy city of jerusalem back from the Muslim Turks. Also to reunite christianity.
what were the political reasons why the crusades happened? Kings and the Church saw the Crusades as an opportunity to get rid of knights who were fighting each other, who threatened the peace of the kingdom and church property.
what were the social reasons why the crusades happened? Many who participated in the crusades were younger sons who had no chance to inherit their father's wealth, so they just participated for the land, position in society, and adventure.
What were the economic reasons why the crusades happened? Merchants profited by making cash loans to finance the journey. Also merchants of Pisa, Genoa,, and Venice hoped to win control of key trade routes to India, Southeast Aisa, and China from Muslim traders.
What were the effects/results of the Crusades? Return of trade and learning, weakened the power of the pope and Church, weakened the feudal nobility and increased the power of kings, thousands of knights and others lost their lives and fortunes, the fall of constantinople.
What were other effects? For muslims, the intolerence and prejudice displayed by christians in the Holy Land left behind a legacy of bitterness and hatred, and for the jews in Europe, the Crusades were a time of increased persecution.
What are three reasons why food supply increased? climate became warmer, use of horse power, and farmers used three field system.
what are guilds? an organization of individuals in the same business or occupation working to improve economic and social conditions for its members.
Define the Commercial Revolution. The expansion of trade and business that transformed European economies during the 16th and 17th centuries.
What were three problems that the church had? Marrige of priests, selling of positions in the Church (simony), and appointment of bishops by kings.
In the early 1100's, what was the new style of architecture? Gothic architecture
What are some characteristics of Gothic architecture? ribbed vaults, flying buttresses, pointed arches, tall spires.
Define vernacular. Everyday language
Who was Urban II Pope who called for the first crusade
Who was Thomas Aquinas? Scholar who argued that the most basic religous truths cold be proved by sound reasoning.
What are scholastics? scholars who gathered and taught at universities.
What is inquisition? Church court that tried people suspected of having opposing religous beliefs.
What is a burgher? Merchant class person who lived in a town.
Christians began to form banks because people needed a new way to...? get cash and loans and exchange different types of money.
How long did a peasant have to live in a town to become free? 1 year and a day
Who is Richard the Lion-Hearted? English king who fought Saladin in the Third Crusade.
Who is Saladin? Famous Muslim leader of the 1100's
What was the Reconquista? Effort by Christian leaders to drive the Muslims out of Spain.
in the early 1200's what new Church gruop arose? Friars.
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