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Canada Today Ch.5

Review for chapter 5 test

Multiculturalism an acceptance of many cultures instead of just one
Refugee a person who flees a country because of war, disaster or persecution
Parliament Canada's national lawmaking body
Prime Minister in a parliamentary democracy, the leader of the cabinet and often also of the executive branch
Export a product traded with or sold to another country
Import a product brought into a country through trade or sale
Transportation corridor a path that makes transportation eaiser
Transportation barrier a geographic feature that prevents or slows transportation
Bilingual able to speak two languages
Francophone a French-speaking person
How was Canada part of the United Kingdom? United Kingdom defeated France in the French and Indian War
How does multiculturalism effect Canada It makes it a diverse country with distinct culture groups and two official languages
Explain how Canada's federal government is organized Legislative and judicial branches with a governor-general representing the British monarch as head of state
How has Canada tried to satisfy the needs of it's many culture groups It passes laws guaranteeing the preservation of different cultural heritages
Explain how Canada wealth of natural resources contribute to it's economy Canada's natural resources support farming, mining, logging, and fishing
Canada's transportation corridors waterways and railroads
Canada's transportation barriers Rocky Mountains, snow, ice
What is the effect of many languages in Canada Many Canadian French words are spelled and pronounced differently from standard French. Many English words differ from those used in the United States
Culture groups in Canada French Canadians, Inuit, Chinese, and South Americans
Created by: Hintze