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Carnegie NA Midterm

NA General Exam Procedures Midterm WS (MA Fall 2014)

Define Subjective symptoms only patient is aware
Define Objective symptoms Patient and another person is aware of
Give examples of subjective symptoms pain, nausea, ringing in ears, fever for 3 days
Give examples of Objective symptoms Something someone sees, hears, smells: cough, odor
List 6 methods of physical examination inspection, palpation, percussion, auscultation, mensuration, manipulation
What is Inspection vision
What is palpation touch, ex. enlarged organ
What is percussion tapping, the way it sounds
What is auscultation and example listening BP, heart
What is mensuration measuring ex: babies head circumference
What is manipulation movement
List rules of charting black ink, pain scale for pain, use quotation marks for patients words, never scribble erase or use whiteout, correct error by drawing a line through it write error above and date and initial
know distance acuity procedure snellen eye chart checking for myopia
what is the procedure for the Snellen Eye Chart pt stands 20 ft away , do not squint, lean over, touch eye; start at line 3
How do you record results for the Snellen Eye Chart 2 mistakes, stop and record; 3 mistakes, go back to previous line and record those results
what increments do we record height ant weight procedure 1/4 increments
how many cm is in an inch 2.54
how many lb in a kg 2.2
how many inches in a foot 12
what is done in the lithotomy position pelvic exam, rectal
what is done in the dorsal recumbent position abdominal exam
what is the trendelenburg position used for shock, hypotension
what is a fenestrated drape drape with an opening so physician can see only the area he is working on.
when pain is CC pain score, where, what kind, onset, duration, intermittent or constant, does anything relieve it (Positional)m is it associated with activity, taken meds for?, what meds and did they provide relief?
Created by: ma2b