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Unit 2 Egypt/ Nubia

Questions to review for Unit 2 test

A result of the annual flood in the Nile Valley New silt made the soil more fertile
River the ancient Egyptians called "giver of life" Nile River
A way for the Egyptians to keep track of the flooding of the Nile developed a calendar
Three parts of the Egyptian calandar Inundation, Emergence, and Harvest
Important reason for uniting Upper and Lower Egypt Created the first nation-state
Has all the power and authority in the government in Egypt Pharaohs
Combination of two Egyptian gods Amon-Re
Egyptian leader that wanted the people to worship only the god Aton Amenhotep IV
Egyptians were conquered by these people Kush
Nubians were among the first people develop this product pottery to store grain and carry supplies
Reason why Egyptians destroyed Kush's capital Kerma punish the people for helping Hyksos
Kushites learned to make iron from what people Assyrians
Merchants in Meroe traded this product Iron
The result of the Greeks building new ports on the Red Sea end of Meroe being an important trade center
Things achieved with Egyptian technology Pyramids, the sphinx, canals, dikes, paprus
Things achieved with Nubian technology Pottery, iron making, iron products
Things achieved with Sumerian technology irrigation, ditches, canals, dams, dikes, reservoirs, ziggurats
Influence between Egypt and Nubia Religion, culture, government, place of staying, Gods, way of ruling, trading.
Created by: Hintze