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Imperialism one country taking control of another country
imperializers the countries that take over other countries (USA, England)
imperialized the countries that were taken (Africa, Asia, Latin America, India)
colony a country has direct control of another place
sphere of influence one country claims exclusive trading privileges
protectorate country has gov. but imperalizers run it through people (indirect)
Causes Industrial Revolution, Nationalism, Religion, Political Power, Racism
Industrial Revolution countries wanted more raw materials and markets
Nationalism pride in ones country, they think they are better than everyone else/rivalries
Religion stop slave trade, Africans and Asian will become civilized when they become Christians
Political Power get resources to become stronger and take over more places and keep from being taken over
Berlin Conference 1884-1885 European countries peacefully divided Africa without and of the Africans there
Africa during the 1800s Liberia and Ethiopia free until 1914
Created by: 18SharierA