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DLS Rel Ch 19 Quiz

DLS Religion Chapter 19 Quiz

T/F John Carroll was appointed the first American bishop in 1789 TRUE
T/F Very few Catholics immigrated to the United States from 1820 to 1920 FALSE
T/F Dorothy Day co founded the Catholic Worker movement and worked for civil rights and social justice.
T/F Boston College was the 1st Catholic university in America. FALSE; Georgetown College was 1st Catholic anniversary
T/F Pope Leo XIII sent Mother Frances Cabrini to be a missionary to the East. FALSE she was told to go West
T/F Of the original 13 colonies, Catholics were persecuted only in Pennsylvania. FALSE; they were persecuted everywhere EXCEPT Pennsylvania
T/F The Know Nothing party, the Ku Klux Klan, and the American Protective Association were groups that formed to oppose Catholicism.
T/F In 1911, two priests founded the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America, the United States' missionary association. TRUE
T/F Catholics openly joined a workers union known as the Knights of Labor. FALSE; they joined secretly
T/F A Franciscan named Junipero Serra founded missions on the West Coast, where he taught Native Americans to farm and build. TRUE
T/F Elizabeth Ann Seton established the first Catholic parish school in America for boys FALSE (for girls)
Our Lady of Guadalupe is patroness of a) the Poor Clare Sisters. b) the Americas. c) Mexicans only. d) Canadians only. A) the Poor Clare Sisters
American settlers were aided by the maps and journal of a) Juan Diego. b) Junipero Serra. c) Isaac Jogues. d) Jacques Marquette. B) Junipero Serra
The first native-born American Saint was a) Elizabeth Ann Seton. b) John CarrolL c) John Neumann. d) Frances Cabrini. a) Elizabeth Ann Seton.
On his journey to the New World, 12 Spanish Franciscans sailed with a) Jacques Marquette. b) Isaac Jogues. c) Ferdinand Magellan. d) Columbus. D) Columbus
The North American Martyrs were two lay missionaries and six a) Jesuits. b) Franciscans. c) Dominicans. d) Trappists. A) Jesuits
The United States Constitution grants religious a) oppression. b) persecution. c) freedom. d) martyrs C) freedom
Elizabeth Ann Seton established the first Catholic parish school in America for a) girls. b) boys. c) missionaries. d) seminarians. A) girls.
Fifty churches and nearly 100 schools were opened by Philadelphia bishop a) James Cardinal Gibbons. b) Jacques Marquette. c) Isaac Jogues. d) John Neumann. A) James Cardinal Gibbons
James Cardinal Gibbons spoke to a.,d wrote to Rome on behalf of a) the North American Martyrs. b) Catholic workers. c) the U.S. bishops. d) missionaries. B) Catholic workers
The Baltimore Catechism was the religion text used by Catholic children through the a) 1950s. b) 1990s. c) 189Os. d) Great Depression. A) 1950s
Created by: ka1usg
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