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DLS Rel Ch 18 Quiz

DLS Religion Chapter 18 Quiz

What is the Church's collection of teaching on social justice issues? Catholic Social Teaching
Encyclical of Pope Leo XllI's that called attention to the need for justice was called ____ Rerum Novarum (On New Things)
Therese of Lisieux's practice of doing ordinary things extraordinarily well was called her _____ .Little Way
_____ led to inhuman working conditions the Industrial Revolution
Pope John Paul II called on Catholics to engage in _______ New Evangelization
Spread devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the 1600s St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
A letter written by the pope is called a(n) ______ encyclical
Who called to "let in fresh air” Pope John XXIII at 2cnd Vatican counsel
Pope John Paul II spoke against ______ culture of death
Which pope called the Second Vatican Council Pope John XXIII
Wrote an encyclical in the 19th century on social justice Pope Leo XIII
Polish pope who defended human life and dignity & spoke out against violence/war Pope John Paul II
Who founded a religious order to educate and care for girls St Jane Frances de Chantal
We have a responsibility to protect basic human ____________ rights
We are called to promote the _____________ of those who are poor and to meet their immediate needs. well being
We depend on one another and are called to _______ spiritual and material goods provide
The responsibility to care for all that God has made is a _______ of our faith. right
All human life is _________ and must be respected. important
Workers have the right to productive work, to ______________ wages, and to pursue economic opportunity. fair
Families must be supported so that people can __________ in society. live
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