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DLS Rel Ch 17 Quiz

DLS Religion Chapter 17 Quiz

T/F “Our Father, who art in heaven" describes God as being present in the hearts of those who live by his law of love. TRUE
T/F The French Revolution attacked the government but not the Church. FALSE
T/F Both faith and science come from God, and we do not have to choose one over the other. TRUE
T/F Rationalism, the philosophy that science can solve all problems, led some to deny God's existence. TRUE
T/F The seventh Commandment focuses on respecting legitimate authority. FALSE (4th commandment states to honor your mother and father)
T/F Jesus taught that by serving others, we help them to recognize God's presence. TRUE
T/F The pope called the First Vatican Council largely to identify the Church's role in an unchanging world. FALSE (in a changing world) I
T/F Saint Vincent de Paul was distant from people in need. FALSE
T/F Saint Louise de Marillac cared for those who were sick, teaching that all human life is sacred. TRUE
T/F The Church was never suspicious of scientific developments. FALSE
Priest who inspired Vincent de Paul to understand his Christian calling Peter de Berulle
Who recognized that all are called to witness to Christ no matter how difficult their lives are? St Julie Billiart??
Who convened the First Vatican Council Pope Pius IX
Who lived a comfortable life in Paris before recognizing a deeper call to serve people who were poor Saint Vincent de Paul
Who worked with Vincent de Paul to found the Daughters of Charity Saint Louise de Marillac
Many people in the 16th century were shocked by the discoveries of scientists such as Galileo and a) Copernicus. b) James Watson. c) Charles Darwin. A Copernicus
In the spirit of the Fourth Commandment, people in authority are called to commit themselves to a) serving those in power. b) the common good of all people. c) avoiding controversial issues. B the common good of all people
Pope Pius IX issued a Syllabus of Errors condemning a) rationalism. b) the French government. c) Martin Luther. C Martin Luther.
The Fourth Commandment calls us to a) blindly follow those in authority. b) rebel against authority. c) respect legitimate authority. C respect legitimate authority
The 1700s were known as the Age of Enlightenment because of the new a) ideas of the Church. b) ideas of the scientific revolution. c) military strategies. B ideas of the scientific revolution
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