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Urinary Word List

bladder an expandable hollow organ which acts as a temporary reservoir for urine
Bowman capsule part of the renal corpuscle; surrounds the glomerulus of the nephron
calculi commonly called stones; usually composed of mineral salts
calyx the cuplike division of the kidney pelvis (pl. calyces)
catheterization to insert a catheter into a cavity to remove body fluid
cystitis inflammation of the bladder
cystectomy excision of the bladder
elimination to remove, get rid of, exclude; also to pass urine from the bladder or stool from the bowel
excretion the process of expelling material from the body
glomerulus the microscopic cluster of capillaries within the Bowman capsule of the nephron
hematuria blood in the urine
hilum the recessed area of the kidney where the ureter and blood vessels enter
kidney fist-sized organs in the abdominal cavity whose function is to cleanse or purify the blood
lithotriptor a device that destroys urinary stones with laser technology
micturition voiding
nephrolith kidney stone
nephrolithiasis presence of a kidney stone
nephrolysis surgical separation of an inflamed kidney from adhesions
nephron filtering units located in the kidney tissue that continually adjust body conditions to add or remove substances from the blood
nephrotomography a study in which several planes of the kidney are visualized
pyelitis inflammation of the renal pelvis
pyelolithotomy removal of a stone from the renal pelvis by an incision
pyuria pus in the urine
renal pertaining to the kidney
renal artery carries waste laden blood to the tubules within the kidney for purification
renal pelvis an enlarged funnel-shaped extension of the ureter
renal vein structure which carries the blood away from the kidney
residual pertaining to that which is left as a residue
retention inability to void urine which is present in the bladder
stricture the narrowing of an opening, tube, or canal, such as the urethra or esophagus
uremia toxic condition of nitrogenous wastes in the blood
ureter a slender tube that conveys urine from the kidney to the bladder
ureterectasis dilation of the ureter
ureterectomy removal of a ureter
ureteropyelostomy anastomosis of ureter and renal pelvis
ureterovesicostomy reimplantation of a ureter into the bladder
urethra a membranous tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body
urethrectomy removal of the urethra
urethritis inflammation of the urethra
urethropexy surgical fixation of the urethra
urethroplasty surgical repair of the urethra
urethroscopy visual examination of the urethra
urinary system eliminates harmful products in the blood and filters them through urination
urochrome urine colour
urologist one who specializes in the the study of the urinary system
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