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Western Civ. 4

Theocratic Foundation

theocratic foundation is the basis of the ________/_____; not the 1st ___ _____; __________ most extensive and popular; _____ _____ is similar to it but different theocracy/law; law code; Himarabi; Mosaic Law
Israelites need law: 5 Purposes=... 1. great blessing to israel 2. not intended to creat a performance based salvation but intended to reveal sin 3. provides details for how to live righteously 4. enables israel to have a missionary presense (different) 5. provided for practice of legal and
legal: ________; social: __________ punishment; way to treat certain types of ppl
2 types of law in anciant near east: ... ... casuistic law; apodictic law
casuistic law is ______ laws/ deal w/ specific ______; generally in ___-____ form; gives specific ________; lex talionis= ___ __ __________ case/ cases; if-then; examples; law of retaliation
mosaic law code is _____ not ______ merciful, harsh
Apodictic Law: unique to ______ ____ code/nonexistent in ____ ____ ______; ________ _______ which means alway true in every situation; best example ____ ________; must be abserved b/c it is _____ mosaic law/ancient near east; categorical imparitive; 10 commandments; right
Mosaic law is unique in 4 ways: ... ... ... ... 1. God is author not just custodian 2. puts high value on human life *3. emphasis on kindness and love- makes sure (demands) that ppl are taken care of 4. removes class distinctions to protect lower classes
Themes that reveal theology- make things clear 1-6 1. holiness of God is all through law so we should be holy 2. exclusive nature of covenant relations to God 3. worhip 4. moral and sexual purity 5. practice of justice 6. concern for poor and needy
law is seperatied into ___ equal parts which are... 3; civil, ceremonial, and moral
everything in law is ______ and _________ b/c ______ wrote it sacred, holy, God
we cannot very well draw __________ b/t 3 laws and we need to know b/c ______ and _______ laws were revoked distinctions, civil, ceremonial
civil law- _________ law; just for God's ______; now there is not just one _______ national; nation; nation
Law is important to us today: it does not ______ us; we are _______ by _______; _____ establishes the law; we are saved _____ good works justify; justified, faith; faith; unto
God will _______ the law on ppl's ________; we should ______ in God's will and law write, hearts, delight
law is ______, ______, ______ good, holy, just
law makes clear what is _________; if you are in ________, law is taken care of sin, Jesus
Jesus came to ______ not ______ the law fulfill, destroy
Jesus __________ the law; makes it more _________ intensifies, demanding
what is _______ w/o _______; _______ must change your life faith, works, faith
law _______ our _______ before _______; to be saved, turn from ____ and have _______ justifies, faith, man; sin, faith
decagogue- __ _______; Torah- ________; deuteronomy- _______ ___ 10 words; instruction; second law
__________ laws; ________ kids are put to death; mother and father have great ________ in christian homes; some cultures, mom is below ____; in some cultures, ___-__-___ w/o kids is ______ familial; rebellious; authority; sons; daughter-in-law, lowest
cannot take ____ and sell to slavery, but you can take her and _________ her after she _____ POW, marry, mourns
1st born is 1st born whether ________/_________ loved/unloved
deut. 24- _______ laws; 1 yr from ____ when you 1st get married; don't marry near of ____; these thinds ______ nations; if you do this, land will ______ you out divorce; war; kin; difile; vomit
dont commit ________ or ____ w/ ____ adultry, kin
penalty for _______ ____ is not as bad as some-it is to _______ and be _______ premarrital sex, marry, faithful
________ is dangerous b/c it was ________ culture prostitution, canaanite
special reverance given to ppl of ____ ____= respected old age
_____ and ______ are specially taken care of; you will be ____ and family will become these if you do not take care of them widows, orphans; killed
when you ge harvest, _____ what you _____ for _____, _____, and _____ leave, forget, stranger, widow, orphan
______ olives on olive tree if you _____ them leave, forget
dont _____ the poor cheat
don't reap _____ of your fields reap
don't ____ deaf; or put ____ _____ in front of blind; Lord takes care of ________ curse, stumbling block; handicapped
a lot of being _____ to _______ and _______ b/c israelites were _________ in _____ kind, strangers, foriegners, foriegners, Egypt
if need money, can _____ youself to neighbor and be his _____; maximum time is ___ ____; cound stay w/ new master- _____ a _______ in your ear to symbolizes that you are _____ _______ sell, slave; 6 yrs; bore, hole, under authority
earrings were a sign of _______ and _______ humility, submission
involuntary slavery of foriengers was _________ as long as you _____ _____ _____ or ____ _______ ___ permitted, treat them well, let them go
israel relationship w/ peers/theives is clearly defined: _____ ____, if you _____ a man who _____ _____ your house, do not ____ ______ repay more, kill, breaks into, restore blood
_____ (someone who starts a fire) is also covered arson
_______: don't lie tellbearer
____: bad- don't go with crownd rioters
________, unpremedited murder, not punished _________; flee to ____ of ____ b/c family of murdered will try to ____ you; wait _____ days; have a _______; if innocent, live in _______ city until ____ ____ dies; if guilty, _____ manslaughter, capitally; city, refuge, kill; several; trial, levitical, high priest; die
premeditated murder- put to _____ in order for it to be ____ w/ you death, well
business dealings dealt w/ (lending money)- dont charge ________; don't cheat ppl in _______ ____ w/ _______ (balancing) interest; market place, measures
dont take ______ bribes
_____ and ____ are important to economy- _________; every ___ yr, land must lay _____ to restore _______ land, soil-stewardship; 7th, fallow, nutrients
every ___ yr=________-n/t _______ at all 50th, Jubilee, planted
yr of jubilee: if property had been taken or youd had been sold b/c of debt, it was _______; sense of ________; keeps a family from never having _________; boundary markers around land- serious offense to _____ them; if husband dies and leaves no kids, __ returned, redemption, property, move, brother, poor, rich
_________ society; strong ties to ____ forever agrarian, land
also idea of ________ _________-can pay to get land back for family; ex) _____; it is a _________; do it ______ kinsman redeemer; boaz; privilege, gladly
every effort is to ensure that men have _______ and __________; concept of _______ is even strong in the law property, independence, redemption
special consideration for _____ who can inherit _______ if no bros; also helped by _______ customs (marry bro of dead husband) women, property, levirate
kings and gov governed by law: dont have a lot of _________, _________, __________; know the _____, read, write, observe, and store it in your heart wives, horses, gold ($), law
courts governed by law: _______ is important justice
repect for all _________ authority
hanged must be removed from gallows before ___ of ____ end, day
principles of war: dont have to fight if _______ _________, ________ ______, ________ ________, or _______ building property, planting crops, getting married, scared`
fierce scottish warrior bluehoe
more principles of war: give enemy a chance to make _______; if they fight, _______ them; sometimes, _____ the ____ city, all that moves and breathes peace; besiege; destroy, entire
ban of God=_______ __ _____; land being destroyed is under God's _____ herem of God; herem
laws about how to behave as a soldier: keep from ________ _____ and ________ sexual sins, drunkeness
laws agains witchcraft: dont mess w/ ____ _____; no ____ ________ (act like they are God) evil spirits; false prophets
prophets is _____ in hebrew naibi
rest of Ch. 12 is about _______ (false prophets) herecy
take _______ animal but let ______ animal go baby, mom
like to dress like other gender and want to look like other gender-_________-dont do it; unless it is only ________ transvestiizm; culture
if you see a wandering animal, ____ _____ of it, and _____ it to _______ take care, return, owner
if an animal is working for you, let it ____ and _____ eat, work
_______ ____ covers a vast majority of things Mosaic Law
religous and ceremonial aspects; how to act in tabernacle, how to sacrifice ceremonial law
IMPORTANT: God made sure the law was ______ clear
Tabernacle: ppl want _________ meanings for the elements (ark of the ________, ________, ___________) devotional, covenant, lampstand, table
Theology of Tabernacle: 1-4 1. portablility: God's continual presence 2. tent of meeting: where God meets ppl 3. Royal tent: residence for and worthy of king 4. God desires a relationship w/ ppl
Lots of ppl like to draw parallels b/w ____ of ________ and ______________ garden of edom, tabernacle
John 1:14 the word became flesh and _________ among us tabernacled
all to display that God is _______ and t/f we must be ______ in his presence holy, holy
1st sense of tabernacle/temple: __________ b/c it is a ________ _______; God takes ____ seriously; must shed _______ smell; slaughter house; sin; blood
purpose of sacrifices: 1-3 1. gifts to God 2. expresses communion w/ God 3. brings expiation/atonement for sin
Different from near easter sacrifices: 1-4 1. not an attempt to maipulate God 2. not an attempt to ameliorate wrath of God 3. No clairvoyance 4. does not guarentee forgiveness
acts of sacrifices never gave ___ _________ to anyone in OT full forgiveness
sin had to be done in ____________, ____________, or out of ___________ to be forgiven ignorance, unintentionally, weakness
if you sin ___________, defiantly, you are cut off from the ________/________ intentionally, camp/God
intentional sins dealt w/ on:... w/:... day of atonement; repentent heart
4 major divisions of leviticus offerings and sacrifices, ministry of the prists, laws of clean and unclean, holiness code
2 major categories of sacrifices sweet savor offerings (worship), nonsweet savor offerings (expiation)
3 types of sweet savor offerigns 1. whole burnt (daily burnt offering for all ppl in israel) 2. grain gift (grateful) 3. peace (worship meal-eaten)
2 types of nonsweet savor offerings sin offering (unintentional sins); guilt offering/tresspass offerings (restitution)
why levites 1-3 1. stood w/ moses on God's side 2. were not scared to kill for God 3. reversed curse- anger was used to stand up for God
Function of priests 1-3 1. mediators b/t God and Man 2. teach the law and what it means 3. determine the will of God
priests were ________ and important; we dont need them nemore b/c we have ______- needed; Jesus
Laws of Clean and unclean: ________ purity is important b/c God is ___________ present physical, physically
God is in _____-Israel must be _____ camp, holy
rules of _____ to ____, ________, ______, _____, ________, and ________ _______ food, eat, childbirth, illness, mold, mildew, bodily discharges
4 major reasons for rules of clean and unclean 1. God said so 2. health and hygiene 3. unclean animals associated w/ death (canaanite influence) 4. avoid pagan practices
5 is most important emphasized wholeness/holiness/completeness of God
Holiness code: how to ______ in various _____ of _________ life live, aspects, life
how much _______ kept in _______ ex) _________ jewishness, christianity, circumcision
clean, unclean, and holiness code also dealt w/ day of _________ atonement
God is a God of __________ and ______ feasting and joy
Holy Days are: 1-8 1. sabbath day 2. passover 3. Feast of Unleavened bread 4. feast of first fruits 5. feast of weeks of pentecost 6. feast of trumpets 7. day of atonement 8. feast of booths
sabbath day is based on ________ for all ____ and __________ creation, ppl, animals
pasover commerates the ________: it is on ____ __ in the _______ exodus; abib 14, spring
leavened has to do with _______ which is a symbol of _____; it is the week of _____ __-__ yeast, sin; Abib, 15-21
Feast of first fruits is part of _____________________ feast of unleavened bread
feast of pentecost is the ______ month of the yr. (_________); it is _______ days after the passover; holy spirit pourd out the __________ third, Sivan; 50; pentecost
feast of _________ is the element of ________ trumpets, Thanksgiving
day of atonement (____ ________); is _____ __ the _____ month; all ______, no _____, ____ _______ made by high priest for all _________ sin yam kippur; Tishri 10, 7th; fast, work, sin offering, intentional
Feast of booths- ______ __-__; lived in tents to 1. 2. Tohri 15-21; remind them of the wilderness wanderings and gives thanks to God for promise land 2. end fall harvest
3 things that make holy days signigicant (reasons we have them): 1. never forget what God has done for you 2. look to God and understand there is more to life than your own possessions 3. celebrate God
don't _______ over things; required to give _____ to ______ for _______ obsess; gifts, tabernacle, poor
1 day out of every month: ____ ____ _______; cannot mix ______, _______, or ______ b/c israel is _______ and ________/ marry who??? new moon feast; breeds, fabric, seeds, different, separate; God's covenant ppl
no _______ priests; also, __________ cannot serve in temple handicapped, handicapped
________ means separated one- takes ________ to _______ himself to God Nazirate, vows, devote
3 vows + ex): 1. cannot shave head/cut hair, ex)Samson 2. no intoxicated drink, ex)John the Baptist 3. cannot touch dead body/carcass, ex)Samson
hebrews realise God cannot be ________; not even by universe; but does make himself _____ ______ in certain places, ex) _________, ______, ____ _______, _______ contained; more known, tabernacle, altars, mt. sinai, temple
____________: to train kids; God is ________ catechisms; omnipresent
is there a place to worship? ____, just worship in _______ and _______ no, spirt, truth
Ark of the Covenant: made of _____ _____; major piece of ____________; chest box that opens at ______; ___ by ___ by ___; layered in ____; lid- special- _________- _____ ____- slab of ____; on top 2 _______ that face _____ ______; presence of God, ______, acacia wood; furniture; top; 45, 27, 27; gold; Kapperet- mercy seat- gold; Cherubiim- each other; Shakinah, cherubim, covering ones
rings on ______ of chest side`
table of ________: big/gold; ____ loaves of ______ ______; to show God _______ for israel showbread; 12, baked bread; provides
2 rooms: 1.____ of _____, and 2._____ ______: 1.contains _____________ which is only _________; ___ by ___ by ___-perfect _____: 2.all _______ can enter; contains __________, _________, ________ holy, holies; holy place; ark of covenant, furniture; 15, 15, 15, cube; priests, table, lampstand, candle
high priest can enter ___________ only ___ day per ___- _________________: to make _____ atonement; had to wear an _____ (apron); precious stones on shoulder w/ 6 _______on each; 3 rows of 4 _______ on front; taking ___________ for ppl; was to sprinkle __ holy of holies, 1, year, Day of Atonement; sin, ephid, tribes, tribes; responsibility; blood, mercy seat
outside: altar of _____ and ______ _______; the second had a big ______ covering incense, burnt offering; bronze
all can enter _______; surrounded by ______ foot fense; only __ entrance courtyard; 7 1/2; 1
priesthood: concern for doing things _______ right
priest to put blood on ___ (to ______ word), ____ (to perform ______ of ______), and _____ (to walk in ______ of __________): for ceremony of ____________ of ______ ear (hear), thumb (will, God), toe (paths, righteousness): consecration Priests
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