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DLS Rel Ch 18 Summar

DLS Religion Chapter 18 Summary

How did the Industrial Revolution change society? The growth of industry created inhuman working conditions.
How did the Church respond to the Industrial Revolution? To teach the world the Christian view of labor, Pope Leo XIII wrote an encyclical on social justice.
How did the Second Vatican Council change our view of the Church? It taught the Church is more than an institution. It is the People of God. Everyone, not only bishops and priests, has a call to holiness and the responsibility to live and spread the Christian faith.
What were some of the things that Pope john Paul II supported and opposed? Pope John Paul II spoke out for the dignity of human life, universal call to holiness and called Catholics to engage in New Evangelization. He spoke out against a "culture of death,” war, violence, and capital punishment.
encyclical a letter written by the pope and sent to the whole Church and sometimes to the whole world. It expresses Church teaching on specific and important issues.
T/F The Second Vatican brought laity involvement in Church government through parish councils TRUE
T/F The Second Vatican brought Latin as the language of the Eucharistic celebration FALSE
T/F The Second Vatican brought Synods in which the pope consults bishops on important issues TRUE
T/F The Second Vatican Brought statements condemning theological errors of Protestants TRUE
T/F The Second Vatican Brought the idea that people should read the Bible at home or at school TRUE
What agent of change that encouraged Catholics to discuss, work, and pray with members of other Christian traditions. Second Vatican Council
What agent of change that encouraged the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe Pope John Paul II
What agent of change that encouraged renewed emphasis on life and opposition to a culture of death Pope John Paul II
What agent of change though workers should be treated fairly and should form organizations to defend their rights. Pope Leo XIII
What agent of change stated every member of the Church is responsible for sharing the faith. Second Vatican Council
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