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DLS Rel Ch 17 Summar

DLS Religion Chapter 17 Summary

What caused shock and confusion for many people in the 16th century The scientific discoveries that earth was not the center of universe and planets revolved around the sun. This changed the way astronomers looked at the skies, and, for many, called God's role into question.
How did Saint Vincent de Paul help others to know that God is near to them? He organized charitable groups to provide food and clothing for those in need. He also organized priests and sent them out to the peasant villages to preach to the people. He formed the Congregation of the Mission, also known as the Vincentian Fathers.
How did Saint Saint Julie Billiart help others to know that God is near to them? Saint Julie Billiart formed a religious community, the Sisters of Notre Dame, dedicated to teaching children who were poor. She established schools and prepared teachers to staff them.
In the 17th century, how did the Church react to some of the discoveries of modern science? At first, the Church saw them as threats. Pope Pius IX issued a Syllabus of Errors condemning various aspects of modern thinking, and he convened the First Vatican Council to confirm the Syllabus.
Rationalism The belief that human reason is the principal source of all knowledge; people believed all issues could be studied scientifically. Also called atheism when it denies the presence of God
_________ served the Church after the French Revolution by teaching God's love to others. St Julie Billiart
New ideas in the 17th and 18th centuries tempted some people to abandon their ______ Faith
_________ believed it was a privilege to help those who were poor. St. Vincent de Paul
The philosophy of ________ is based on the idea that all of humanity's issues can be solved by simply examining them scientifically. Rationalism
Pope Pius IX called the First _______ Council to confirm his Syllabus of Errors. Vatican
The _________ Commandment calls us to respect legitimate authority. Fourth
People who were not rich wanted a say in their government and a share of France's wealth. The result was ____. the French Revolution
Church leaders who supported the authority of the pope dominated the First Vatican Council. The result was ____. the doctrine of papal infallibility
Many of the clergy in France were wealthy and supported the ruling class. The result was ____. the persecution of the Church during the French Revolution
During the revolutions in Europe, Church leaders lost their political power. As a result, ____. Church leaders became spiritual leaders
Scientists such as Copernicus and Galileo pointed out that the earth was not the center of the universe. As a result, ____. some people began to think that God's role in the universe was limited
At first, the Church was suspicious of scientific developments. This led to Pope Pius IX publishing a _____. Syllabus of Errors
Who could help teach people about God while experiencing struggles of our own Apostles
Who could provide an explanation of key scientific discoveries of the 16th century Galileo & Copernicus
Who can explain the summary of the Second Vatican Council Pope John XXIII
Who worked with St.Vincent de Paul to care for people who are sick and poor Louise de Marillac
Who can inspire others to see Christ in those who are poor Vincent De Paul
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