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Vein Returns blood from the capillaries to the heart
Tissue Collection of similar cells acting together
Nervous System Rapid messenger system of the body
Ureter Carries urine from kidneys to bladder
Glands Adrenal, thyroid and pancreas
Squamous Flat or scale-like cells
Mucous membrane Produces mucus
Spleen Organ that monitors blood circulation, stimulates immune response
Liver Produces bile(acid)
Involuntary muscles Perform without being told to do so
Alveoli Site for exchange between air and blood
Epithelial Tissue covering and lining much of the body
Mucus Thick substance produced by mucous membrane
Artery Carries blood from the heart to capillaries
Pancreas Part of endocrine system; produces insulin
Cartilage Firm tissue able to withstand pressure; helps support the body
Epidermis Outer layer of the skin
Endocrine system Regulates the metabolic system; glands
Trachea Filters air, keeps airway open and traps particles
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