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6th SS Chapter 3

Where does the Nile River begin and where does it end? Begins in East Africa and flows northward into Egypt - empties into Mediterranean Sea
T or F The Nile River is the longest river in the world? T
T or F The Nile River is the widest river in the world? F
T or F The Nile helped the Egyptians by flooding, destroying crops and killing people. F
T or F The Nile helped the Egyptians by providing fresh water for them to drink. T
T or F The Nile helped the Egyptians by transporting goods between cataracts. T
After studying, when did the Egyptians determine that the Nile would flood? between May and September
Why were calendars very important to the Egyptians? they allowed them to track the number of days between flooding cycles
T or F Calendars allowed the Egyptians to track how long it took each of their crops to sprout and grow. F
How did the fact that the Egyptians understood the flood cycles of the Nile help their civilization to thrive and grow?? They were able to use the floods to their benefit, like using them to irrigate their crops.
According to legend, it was said that three different kings may have been a part of the unification of Egypt? Who were they? Menes, Scorpion, Narmer
T or F The Egyptians believed in many gods. T
T or F Pharaohs were no longer considered gods after death. F
T or F Pyramids served as palaces for the dead pharaohs. T
T or F The Egyptian Pharaoh was worshipped as a god T
What was the discovery that helped lead to the translation of hieroglyphics. Rosetta Stone
______________________ made the Egyptian economy more PROSPEROUS (making it grow successfully) trading
When the Nile was flooding, what did thousands of Egyptian farmers do? They helped build the Great Pyramid
T or F ancient Egyptians and ancient Sumerians both believed their kings were gods F
T or F ancient Egyptians and ancient Sumerians both had a form of writing T
T or F ancient Egyptians and ancient Sumerians both gave some rights to women T
Nubia is different from Egypt by _____________ Nubia has tall cliffs made of granite rock
T or F Nubians were known by the Egyptians before Egypt was unified T
T or F Nubians used wooden sticks for farming just like Egyptians F
T or F Nubians worshiped many gods, many of which were probably the same as the Egyptian gods T
What did the Egyptians use the granite from northern Nubia for? temple/pyramid building
T or F Egypt destroyed the Kush capital at Napata during invasion T
T or F Kush founded a new capital of Meroe where trade was successfull T
T or F Egyptian influence on Kush faded away T
T or F New Kingdom pharaohs conquered Nubia in 1650 BC F
What goods did Egypt rely on Nubia for? gold, ivory, cattle, ostrich feathers, and granite
Why did Egypt invade Nubia? possible to gain control over more land so they wouldn't have to trade for the goods Nubia had that they needed/wanted
How did Egypt's decline affect Kush? Egypt had less influence on Kush
What was different about how the pharaohs ruled during the New Kingdom? some ruled with their wives or sons
What are Egyptian hieroglyphics, and how are they different from Sumerian picture writing? Hieroglyphics were pictures that represented objects and sounds...Sumerian pictographs represented only objects.
Who is Mantheo? priest and an advisor who began to keep records in the 3rd Dynasty
Can you draw and label the levels of the social class pyramid? Top: King/Pharaoh 2nd: Nobles/Priests 3rd: Merchants/Craftmen/Scribes 4th: Farmers/Unskilled Workers 5th (bottom): slaves
Why was the Nile River Valley important to the development of civilization in Egypt? What made it an important resource to people living there? It brought water to an area that was surrounded by deserts - by irrigating the land, the Nile helped agriculture thrive in Egypt. Nile provided water for crops/people and transportation. Crops provided food and paper.
Why did Egypt invade Nubia? Be specific. Egypt wanted to gain control over more land. If Egypt ruled Nubia, Egyptians could have their resources (gold, ivory, cattle, ostrich feathers, granite) without having to trade for them or give anything up.
How is the geography of Nubia different from that of Egypt? In Nubia, high cliffs near the Nile were made of sheer granite. In Egypt, the land by the Nile was more suitable for farming.
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