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Chapter 6

The First Chinese Empires

This was a system developed by Confucius that was intended to restore order to Chinese society Confucianism
This is a system of ideas based on the teachings of Laozi that taught that the will of heaven is best followed by allowing nature to take its course Daoism
This was a Chinese philosophy that stated that humans were evil by nature and needed harsh laws to control them Legalism
He was the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty Qin Shihuangdi
The Qin Dynasty lasted about this many years 15
The Han Dynasty lasted about this many years 400
The Qin Dynasty used this philosophy to rule Legalism
The Great Wall was built for this purpose prevent invasion
The "Five Constant ___________" were central to Confucius' teaching of duty relationships
This empire is credited with the reunification of China Qin
Qin Shihuangdi had these built for his burial mound terra-cotta (clay) soldiers
He was the first emperor of the Han Dynasty Liu Pang
this is the part of the government in which people are hired based on competitive exams civil service
this means relating to war martial
the government in power is called this regime
this is the part of the Chinese bureaucracy that made sure that officials were doing their jobs censorate
This important invention was created during the Han Dynasty paper
The writing of this became the primary form of literature during the Han Dynasty history
Wars and peasants uprisings led to the collapse of this dynasty Han
This dynasty collapsed because its policies were too harsh and emperors spent too much on state projects Qin
Both the Qin and Han Dynasties used a system of government in which positions were based on this merit
Confucius felt that this should be available for all people education
Created by: Mrs. Marquardt