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Vocab 13


Organic Agriculture approach to farming and ranching that avoids use of herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones and other similar synthetic inputs.
Root crops reproduced by cultivating roots of or cutting from plants.
Seed crops reproduced by cultivating seeds of plants
Green Revolution recently successful development of higher-yield, fast growing varieties of rice and other cereals in certain developing countries, which lead to increased pop. per unit area and dramatic narrowing of gap b/t pop. growth and food needs.
Slash and Burn Agriculture (shifting cultivation)-cultivation of crops in tropical forest clearings in which forest vegetation has been removed by cutting and burning.
Rectangular Survey System (public land survey) system was used by US land office survey to parcel land WEST of App. mtns.- divides land into series of rectangular parcels
Township and Range system rectangular land division scheme designed by Thomas Jefferson to disperse settlers evenly across farmlands of US interior.
Metes and Bounds system land surveying EAST of App. mtns.- relies on descriptions of land ownership and natural features such as streams on trees -b/c of imprecise nature of Metes and bounds surveying, US Land Survey System abandoned technique in favor of Rect. Survey System.
Longlot Survey Distinct regional approach to land surveying found in Canadian Maritimes, parts of Quebec, Louisiana and Texas whereby land is divided into narrow parcels stretching back from rivers, roads or canals.
Primogeniture eldest son in family or, in exceptional cases, daughter- inherits all of dying parent's land.
Commercial Agriculture describe large scale farming and ranching operations that employ vast land bases, large mechanized equipment, factory-type labor forces and latest tech.
Plantation Agriculture production system based on large estate owned by an individual,family, or corporation and organized to produce cash crop. Almost all plantations were est. w/in tropics; in recent decades, many have been divided into smaller holdings or reconized as cooper
Luxury crops non-subsistence crops such as tea, cacao, coffee, and tobacco.
Livestock ranching raising of domesticated animals for production of meat and other by products such as leather and wool.
Mediterranean Agriculture specialized farming that occurs only in areas where dry-summer med. climate prevails.
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