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Jayna Benson

Grade 3 Social Studies

hemisphere half of a ball
globe round model of the Earth
equator an imaginary line that cuts the Earth into a northern and southern hemisphere
continent one of seven main areas of land on the Earth
map a picture that shows where something is found
location where something is found
ancestor a relative that lived long ago
founder a person who starts a community
custom a way of doing something like a tradition, how you might greet someone-handshake or bow.
culture a group of people's way of life (religion, food, music, religion)
resources something people use to make what they need (plants, people, soil, water)
symbols stand for something real on Earth
map key tells what the symbols stand for
distance scale use it to measure how far it is between two places
compass rose tells you the directions
cardinal directions the four main directions (North, East, South, West) "Never Eat Slimy Worms."
cooperate to work together
citizen the people that live in a community
government a group of citizens who make rules for the community
laws rules written and followed to make a community safe.
consequences something that happens as a result of an action
mayor the leader of a city or town government
judges citizens chosen to work as leaders in the court
Created by: jbenson5463