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First Civilizations

Global 9, Unit I

Social people
Economic getting wants & needs met → TRADE
Political government
Primary Source original source of information, created during the time period
Secondary Source information created after an event or time period
Bias prejudice for or against a subject
Paleolithic Age time of hunters & gatherers
Nomads moved around for food
Neolithic Age start of farming & domestication of animals
Artifact man-made objects
Archeologist person who studies artifacts
Anthropologist person who studies culture
Paleontologist person who studies bones
Where did early civilizations begin? on rivers
Mesopotamia 1st civilization
Mesopotamian Rivers Tigris & Euphrates
Fertile Crescent rich farmland between the Tigris & Euphrates rivers
Cultural Diffusion spread of ideas
City-State city that has a ruler and controls surrounding area
Empire 1 ruler controls lots of areas/cities
Polytheism belief in many gods
Hammurabi's Code 1st written laws
Monsoons seasonal winds (wet & dry)
Himalayas Mountains protection from invaders for India
Caste System Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudras
Mandate of Heaven God’s approval to rule
Dynastic Cycle rise and fall of dynasties
Early Chinese Relgion ancestor worship
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