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AP World Ch.13 Vocab

The Expansive Realm of Islam

Bedouin Nomadic pastoralists of the Arabian peninsula; culture based on camel and goat nomadism; early converts to Islam. Muhammad's tribe.
Muhammad Prophet of Islam (570-632); born into Quraysh tribe in Mecca; raised by fathers family; received revelations from Allah in 610 C.E.
Allah supreme God in strictly monotheistic Islam
Quaran written versions of muhammad’s revelations
Hadith Traditions of the prophet Muhammad
Mecca City located in the mountainous region along the Red Sea in the Arabian peninsula; founded by Umayyad clan of Quarysh; place where the Ka'ba is located
Medina Also known as Yathrib; town located northeast of Mecca; grew date palms whose fruit was sold to bedouins. Where Muhammed fled after he was kicked out of Mecca.
Ka'ba Most revered religious shrine in pre-Islamic Arabia; located in Mecca; focus of obligatory annual truce among bedouin tribes; later incorporated as important shrine in Islam
Hijra Muhamid’s move to midna from mecca
Umma Community of the faithful within Islam; transcended old tribal boundaries to create a degree of political unity.
Seal of the Prophets The fact that muhamid is the last prophet and after that it is sealed
The 5 pillars of islam 1. There is only one god, Allah 2. You must pray five times a day facing Mecca 3. You must pay the government Zakat 4. You must fast for Ramadan 5. You must make a Pilgrimage to Mecca sometime during your life.
Jihad Islamic holy war
Sharia General behavior law on way of life
Caliph The political and religious successor of Muhammed
Umayyad Dynasty made by prominent meccan merchant clans and centralized government
Shia new sect of islam after they wanted ali but got abu bakr as caliph made new traditions
Sunni Political and theological division within Islam. Followers of the Umayyads.
Jizya Head tax paid by all non believers in Islamic territories.
People of the Book Dhimmis applied as an inclusive term to Jews and Christians in Islamic territories.
Abbasid Dynasty cosmopolitan shared power with local governments
Dar-al Islam nation of islam territory where islam is ruling
Banghadad Round city new capital 3 walls more cosmopolitan
Ulama and Quadis People with religious knowledge and judges
Hemispheric Trading Zone Trading network used by the Islamic people to trade goods and spread their religion
Camel Saddle and Caravans Ways of desert travel
Al-Andalus Islamic Spain
Khadija Muhhamad's first wife
Madrasas Institution of higher education
Suifs Sought a mystical, ecstatic union with Allah. Passionate singing, spirited dancing medicant -beggar
Medicant Begger; someone who asks for something for religious purposes
Hajj tool to spread islam, pilgrimage to mecca
Arabic Numbers decimal system of numerals 1 through 9 created by Gupta Empire and diffused to the Arabs
Scholasticism a philosophical and theological system, associated with Thomas Aquinas, devised to reconcile Aristotelian philosophy and Roman Catholic theology in 13th century
"Arabian Night" and " A Thousand and One Nights" Stories of persian influence
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