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Whats the define of vital signs Vitals signs are the most important tool to determine a person state of health
What the define of temperature Heat loss or gained in the body
What are the 5 vital signs Temperature, pluse,respirations,blood pressure, pain
What is the 4 ways of taking temperature Auraul, oral, rectum, rectally
What is the most accurate temperature Rectum
What is the common way of taking temperature Oral
What is one degree less than rectal temperature Oral
What is the least accurate temperature Axillary
What is one degree less than oral and 2 degrees less than rectal Axillary
What temperature is usually taken in infants and children Aural
What are the three types of thermometers Temp-DOT , GLASS , ELECTRONIC
What is the normal temperature of an oral temperature 97-100
What is the range of an rectal temperature 98-101
What is the range of an axillary temperature 96-99
What is the terms of an abnormal temperature A. Hypothermia is less than 95° B.hypethermia is greater than 104° rectually
When can death occur Death can occur when the body temperature is less than 95° or greater than 105°
What is the average temperature of oral 98.6
What is the normal temperature of the body 97-100
How many degrees is axillary from oral 1 degree
What cool down the body Presperation
How does the body warm up Shierving
What is the normal temperature for rectal 99.6
What kind of temperature stay in for 10 mins Axillary and groin
What is the axillary temperature 97.6
What are the three main reasons temperature may be vary Drinking, smoking, eating
What is an aural temperature An aural temperature is an ear temperature
How does an aural thermometer measure temperature It measure the infrared radiation from an eardrum
How does a temporal thermometer measure temperature By sliding it straight across your forehead parallel to your eyebrowns
List two ways you can tell a difference between a rectal thermometer and what color is the oral theremometer A rectal thermometer is the color red and has a round point and a oral thermometer is the color blue
What is the differences between hypothermia and hypethermia Hypothermia is less than 95°, hypethermia is great her than 104 rectually.
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