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medterms chpt 7

-stenosis narrowing
polyangiitis inflammation of many vessels
arteriostenosis narrowing of an artery
artherosclerosis hardening of plaque
interatrious pertaining to between the atria
cardiologist one who studies the heart
pericardial pertaining to around the heart
intracardial pertaining to within the heart
ischosis conditon of blood held back
phlebotomy cutting into a vein
thrombogenic producing of clot
valvoplasty surgical repair of a valve
varicosis abnormal conditon of having a varcosity
aneurysm widening of a artery
angina pectoris severe chest pains
cardiac catheterization thin tube through the veins or arteries leading to the heart
cardiac enzymes complex proteins released by the ehart muscles when it is damaged
congenital septal defect (CSD) birth defect
endarterectomy surgical removal of inner lining of artery in order to remove plaques.
fibrillation abnormal quivering of the heart
coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) open-heart surgery
coronary artery disease (CAD) chronic heart disease aslo known as ateriosclerotic
doppler ultrasonography imaging technique using ultrasound to create moving image
hear murmur abnormal heart sound such as soft blowing sound or harsh click
heart valve prolapse cusps or flaps of heart valve are too loose to shut tightly
sphygmonmanometer instrument for measuring blood pressure
stress test method for evaluating cardiovascular fitness
streptokinase (SK) clot buster drug
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