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Migliore Global 10R

Study for NYS Global Studies Regents Exam

Karl Marx father of Communism who focused on industrial workers & thought they should overthrow capitalism
Kemal Ataturk Turkish independence leader who wanted to modernize Turkey
Toussain L'Ouverture worked to free Haiti from French control
Peter the Great absolute monarch who wanted to modernize Russia
John Locke Enlightenment thinker who believed that people have natural rights and government is by the people
Akbar the Great Indian absolute ruler who accepted diversity and RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE
Suleiman the Magnificent absolute monarch who controlled the large Ottoman Empire and increased its centralized power
Ho Chi Min worked to free Vietnam from French control
Nelson Mandela helped end apartheid
Zheng He expanded trade for China during the Ming Dynasty
Machiavelli believed leaders should keep political power by any means necessary
Martin Luther wrote the Ninty-Five Thesis against the sale of indulgences and started the Protestant Reformation
Newton mathematician that developed the Theory of Gravity
Galileo scientist who developed the Heliocentric Theory
Simon Bolivar independence leader for South America and was slowed down by the Andes Mountains
Philip II controlled large Spanish Empire
Pol Pot & Khmer Rouge Cambodian dictator who committed mass genocide
Kwame Nurumah worked to free Ghana from British control
Gandhi used boycotts, marches (Salt March), civil disobedience and other nonviolent resistance
Imperialism having colonies for raw materials
Feudalism serfs work land in exchange for protection from centralized lord (stable workforce)
Encomienda Labor System Spanish system of forced labor
European Union (EU) free trade & interdependence between members
Econoimcs study of scarcity --> how people get their wants & needs
Great Leap Forward Mao's economic polity to modernize China with communes
OPEC control's world oil prices
Mercantilism based on the idea of more exports than imports will = wealth
Manorialism economic system during the Middle Ages in Europe
Ukrainian Famine caused by collectivization
Justinian Code Byzantine code of laws
Cuba Castro is communist leader who had support of peasants
Code of Hammurabi first written code of laws
Magna Carta limited the power of the king in England
Meji Restoration attempt to modernize Japan
Twelve Tables Roman code of laws
Berlin Conference divided Africa into European colonies
NATO treaty that said if one country is attacked by USSR, then all would go to war
Indian Independence divided India into India & Pakistan
Deforestation loss of forest in Central Africa, Amazon and South East Asia
India's Geography monsoons, mountains for protection (low population in the mountains), Thar Desert, Ganges River & Deccan Plateau
Berlin Wall separated East & West Berlin --> limits movement
Incas lived in Andes mountains
Mayan & Aztecs had cities & religions centers --> decline because of foreign invasion
Mali built mosques, had great art & economy because of Mansa Musa and Gold/Salt Trade
Ghana & Songhai Gold Salt Trading empires
Ottoman Empire rose because they conquered Constantinople & located between Europe & Asia
Japanese imperialism late 1890s-1940s
Gupta Empire Golden Age = Ajanta caves, decimal, zero, trade with Persia & E. Africa
Rome controlled all of the Mediterranean, fell because of corruption, size & foreign invaders
Golden Age of Islam development of mosques, medicine, Algebra & science
Renaissance stressed individualism
Industrial Revolution improved technology & led to urbanization
Neolithic Revolution start of farming and domestication of animals
French Revolution causes are Enlightenment ideas and upset Third Estate
Commercial Revolution development of financial institutions and capitalism
Russian/Bolshevik Revolution caused by WWI, an incompetent government and Bloody Sunday
Black Death disease that wiped out large population in Europe, caused shortages and followed trade routes
Nuclear Proliferation spread of nuclear weapons - fear they are in Iran & North Korea
Universal Declaration of Human Rights protects people's rights
Act of Supremacy from the Protestant Reformation, King Henry VIII declared himself the head of the Church of England
Russian Cyrillic Alphabet & Orthodox Church Influenced by Byzantine Empire
Russian victories Russia wins because of a large army and harsh winters
Germany & Korea were both divided after war & had uneven economic development
Irish Migration result of famine
Bantu Migrations caused cultural diffusion & impacted language
Created by: migliorej