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Ancient Eastern WH3

Theodisuys Emperor of Rome
Justinian established the byzantine empire and wanted make a new rome
battle of mazikert The battle that ended the byzantine empire
Islam the religion of the arabs that sya that their si only one god not a triune but that Jesus is not important
al razi he discovered alcohol and made mayu contributions to sience
IBN SINA a philosopher of Islam
sanskrit middle eastern writing
Aryans A racial group of people in the 19-20 century and had European and middle eastern parents
Hinduism founder is not known holy books are the Upanishads and the Vedas and they have 1000s of gods
Buddism Siddhartha Gautama no holy books and no god only world soul.
Chinese civil service The admin service
Confucianism founder Confucius humanistic every man should be free of suffering
ancestor worship the worshipping of dead people (ancestors)
Shintoism no founder no texts harmony is main focus
Genghis khan leader of the first Mongol empire
Kublai he made the Chinese submit and made a mongol dynasty
Beijing capital of china in the Mongol age
Moscow where Kublai khan moved Russia capital
Kush city in Africa
Swahili language of mixing of many other languages
east African city states where the slave trade started
Byzantine art and science achievement they advances law and copied Muslim architecture
Muslim art and science paper ink written language
Chinese and India art and science 0 decimals weights and measure
Chinese influence on japan the Chinese had major influence of japan the Chinese influenced the Japanese religion and trade also influenced their art
separation of the east and west churches the separation was over the land and the differences in their beliefs
Created by: gtsaustin