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ancient china

sect 1

what is a jade a hard gemstone
what is oracle a prediction
one of the physical barriers that separates china from its neighbors is a harsh desert called gobi desert
the _______ or the yellow river stretches for nearly 3000 miles across northern china huang he
early Chinese filled tombs with food and other items and the graves on many rich people contained beautiful objects made of_______ jade
according to ancient stories ______dynasty was founded by yu the great but archaeologists have not found evidence that these stories are true. xia
the ________dynasty made many advances including chinas first writing system shang
______ bones were pieces of bone or shell that Chinese priests believed they could "read" and predict the future oracle
the _____ cuts through central china and flows from the mountains of Tibet to the pacific ocean chang jiang
chinas first writing system used _______ symbols that express words or ideas pictographs
two rivers chang jiang and huang he
two dynastys xia and shang
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