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Ancient Egypt

Chapter 4 - Section 1 & 2

What direction did the Nile River flow Begins in central Africa and runs 4000 miles north to the Mediterranean sea.
Why was the Nile River so important to the Ancient Egyptians? Protected from invaders
Who was Menes and why was he so important to Egypt? He was a king of upper Egypt and wanted to unify upper and lower Egypt
What made the Pharaoh so powerful? Egyptians thought they were gods that came to Earth.
Who was Kufu and what did he accomplish? He ruled in the 2500's BC best known for monuments that were made for him
Draw a diagram of the Egyptian social pyramid. Be sure to know how these different levels worked together to allow Egypt to function and grow. Brett to fill this in with picture
Why was religion so important to the Egyptians? Describe what the Egyptians thought about the afterlife. They worshiped the gods as a part of an every day thing. After live was a happy place.
Define polytheism The belief in or worship of more than one god
Why did Egyptians mummify their dead? They believed that the soul left their body and then came back to live forever
Why were the pyramids built and who built them? They built special monuments in which to bury their rulers. Egyptians built the pyramids
Lord of the dead Osiris
Egyptians built the pyramids and the... Sphinx
What kind of swords did they use? Golden
How was Egypt divided? Upper and Lower
What was the most important thing in Egyptians lives? After life
Egyptian Religion After Life
Egyptian pyramids were grand = ? Important to pharaoh
Triangle shape area of land Delta
What is the geography of Egypt? The nile and farming
Nobles = ? Power
Happy Place = ? After Life
Members of Egyptian elite Royalty
The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes Engineering
Treated bodies Mummys
What were mummies wrapped with? cloth
Upper class of Egypt Nobles
Political system = Old kingdom
Painting for ancient tombs People are young and happy
Royal Tombs Pyramids
South Egypt = ? Upper
North Egypt = ? Lower
Writer? Scribes They were honored members of the society
Rosetta Stone Hieroglyphics
When were pyramids built 2700 BC
What do the Egyptians like? Animals
Steep strong rapids Cataracts
A series of rulers from the same family Dynasty
Ruler of unified Egypt, literally means "great house" Pharaoh
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