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A _____ is dedicated to the study of ancient peoples and artifacts Archeologist
Archeologist draw conclusions on pre historic peoples by ______ Artifacts
What is the Beringa land bridge A large land bridge that used to be able to once stretch from Asia to NA
what marked the beginning of the New Stone Age Widespread use of polished rock tools
what best describes the Stone Age what best describes the the Stone Age
Early humans domesticated what animals Dogs, goats, sheep, and cattle
plant and animal domestication affected community life by Adruculture
In the stone age surpluses food leads to social division
the place where archeologist dig up artifacts is called a ______ Excavation site
How do scientist determine the age of living things after they are dead Carbon dating
what is culture technology, beliefs, and arts of others
what contributed to the development of culture Farming
the first domesticated animals where _____ and _____ Goats and sheep
how did the stone age end because of the discovery of metal and metal working
what can you see in cave art peoples, animals and environment
How might glacers have impacted on migration the seas where lower so the land bridge was revealed so people could migrate
what could cause different groups living in different regions to develop differently Available resources and plant life
List the steps of the migration path Started in _______ to _____ to _____ across the _____ to _____ where people leave artifacts in Clovis. Ice age ends. East Africa to Europe to Asia to Beringa to north America
Created by: Livybivy03