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River Civilizations

Vocabulary and Key Concepts

This word means 'land between the rivers'. What is the word and to which rivers does it refer? Mesopotamia; Tigris and Euphrates
Which group of people divided the circle into 360 degrees and the hour into 60 minutes? Babylonians
In which modern day country does Mesopotamia lie? Iraq
Around what river that floods annually did Egyptian civilization arise? The Nile
Which ancient Egyptian structure is over 755 feet square at its base and 481 feet high and contains over two million blocks of stone each weighing about two and a half tons? The Great Pyramid (Pyramid of Khufu or Cheops)
Where did civilization first arise in India? Indus River Valley
Which two of the world's greatest religions began in India? Hinduism and Buddhism
I was born in 331 B.C. One of my central teachings was the concept of jen, which means the kindness and love humans should have for each other. I also spoke about the relationships people should have with one another. Who am I? Confucius
Along which rivers in China did early civilization first develop? The Yangtze and the Huang He, or Yellow River
Created by: aeldridge