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Unit 10 Ind and Imp

Unit 10 Industrialism Imperialism SSWH15 text Topic 13

How did Otto Von Bismarck unify Germany? Bismarck mainly used warfare.
What reforms did Otto Von Bismarck make in Germany? Germany took a pioneering role in social and economic reform.
What group of people made up the majority of factory workers in Britain? 2/3rds of the industry’s workforce were women and children
Why did countries like Germany and Japan take longer to industrialize than Great Britain? Germany and Japan lacked natural resources and capital (money).
What resources did Germany have an abundance of that allowed them to eventually pass Britain in industrial production? Under Bismarck, Germany grew as an industrial power because they had a lot of iron and coal reserves
What did Adam Smith’s theory of Laissez Faire economics say about the role of the government in the economy? Government should not interfere in the economy
What problems did the Industrial Revolution create according to Karl Marx? It created a few wealthy business people while the majority of people were poor.
What happened at the Berlin Conference? In 1884-1885 Europeans divided Africa into colonies without consulting African leaders.
What two countries in Africa were the only ones that didn’t get taken over by European powers? Ethiopia and Liberia were the only two African countries to keep their independence
What were the Boers and British fighting over in the Boer War? They both wanted the gold and diamonds found in Southern Africa.
What country in Asia came under control of the French in the 1800’s? Vietnam, which is in Southeast Asia
What happened in the Boxer Rebellion? Anti-foreign sentiment in China finally led to an uprising.
What was the cause of both the Boxer Rebellion and the Opium War? Both wars were fought because of resentment of foreigners.
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