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Core 7 Social Studies

caliph The title given to successors of Muhammad chosen to lead Islam
Shi'a or Shiites Muslim group that protested the Umayyads' run and believed the caliph should always be a relative of the Prophet Muhammad
Sunni The name given to Muslims who did not resist the Umayyads' rule and accepted the elected caliphs
Abu Bakr The first claiph to lead Islam after Muhammad's death
"rightly guided" The term for the caliphs who used the Qur'an and Muhammad's actions to guide them in their rule
Syria and lower Egypt Regions conquered by the second elected caliph, Umar
Umayyads The family that seized power over the Islamic world and set up a hereditary dynasty around AD 660
Damascus The Umayyads moved the Muslim capital from Median to this city, upsetting many Muslims, who felt it was too far away
Ali The last elected caliph who was assassinated in 661
Shities Memebers of the Shi'a group
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