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Ch 3 Rel 7

Jesus the Messiah

What is another name for the New Testament? Christian Scriptures
How many books are in the New Testament? 27 books
How many epistles are in the New Testament? 21 epistles
Salvation history before the birth of Jesus. Old Testament
Means "Good News" Gospel
The number of Gospels. 4
A non-Jewish person. Gentile
proclaimer of the Good News evangelist
same view synoptic
Bestselling book in the world Bible
long speech discourse
book in the New Testament that describes the early days of the Christian community Acts of the Apostles
Letters to the early Christians epistles
The four inspired books that give an account of the life and teachings of Jesus. Gospels
The four writers of the Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
The author of the Bible God
The Gospels are documents of faith
The Gospels are not biographies
The action of God moving the human authors of the Bible to communicate what he wanted made known. inspiration
The book in the New Testament that encourages persecuted Christians to accept the cross and hope for the triumph of God at the end of the world. Book of Revelation
Wrote the synoptic Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke
The 2 parts of the Eucharist that continues the early Christian tradition of having someone speak about Jesus at the breaking of the bread. Gospel and homily
Last Gospel written John
First Gospel written Mark
Gospel containing infancy stories Luke
Gospel written for Jewish converts Matthew
This Gospel shows Jesus as friend to all, including sinners and women. Luke
The Gospel was especially for Gentiles. Luke
This Gospel is short and fast moving. Mark
This Gospel is poetic and has discourses. John
The Gospel writer who was a companion of Paul. Luke
The Gospel that proclaims Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of God who saved us. John
He wrote most of the letters in the New Testament. Paul
When was the New Testament completed? 125 A.D.
What do all the Gospels have in common? They all proclaim the same news. Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God. He revealed His Father's love for us. He saved us.
When were the Gospels written? The Gospels were written after Jesus sent the Holy Spirit.
Reading Scripture is a form of what? prayer
Why is the Bible popular? Best selling book in world, first book runoff on printing press, translated into many languages, Presidents sworn in using it, Witnesses sworn in using the Bible, Most quoted book, can be found in hotel rooms, people have risked their lives to get it
Two Gospel writers most likely drew some of their material from this unknown source. "Q"
How is the Gospel honored at Mass? Deacon or priest proclaims the Gospel, Everyone stands, Gospel is sometimes incensed, After it is read we respond, “Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ.” The Deacon or Priest kisses the Gospel Book, The Book is raised up in procession .
What is St. Jerome known for? He translated the Bible into Latin.
What is Jerome's Bible called. The Vulgate
Where did the Gospel writers get their information? Oral accounts of apostles, collections of sayings, and events from Jesus' life
How are the Gospels different? Each writer had a different audience, Each write featured different events he thought was important, each lived at different times
Who was the hero of the first part of the Acts of the Apostles because he converted so many people and performed miracles. Peter
Greatest missionary of the early Church Paul
Last book of the Bible Book of Revelations
Make sure you study Gospel Lab and Chart you copied from the book
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