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History Vocab

Chapters 15-16

Abbasid the dynasty of caliphs who governed the Islamic empire from 750 to 1258 ce
Allah Arabic title of the one God
Baghdad Capital of the Islamic Empire under the Abbasid Dynasty built by caliph al-mansur c.763
Caliph prophet of Muhammad, leader of Islamic community.
Damascus capital of Islamic Empire during Umayyed dynasty.(661-750) Ancient city located in present day syria
Kharijites 1 of the 2 minorities in Islam. Reject caliphate believes leadership belongs to pious or umma
Qur'an the holy scripture of islam
Seljuks Turkish converts to Islam who seized the Baghdad government from the Abbasids in the 11th century
Shar'ia the sacred law of Islam
Shi'ites a minority group of islam believed kinship with muhammad was needed to lead
Sunna the way or example set by the prophet Muhammad
Sunni the majority group in Islam believed leadership should go to most powerful individual
The 1001 Nights The Arabian Nights, a medieval collection of tales from the islamic middle east that greatly reflect life at the time of the Abbasid caliphs of baghadad
Ulama Muslim religious scholars usually specialists in Holy Law sometimes called mullah
Umayyad the caliphs resident in Damascus in 661- 750 c.e
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