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Ch 3 Closer Look

Ch 3 grade 8 Models of Church

When was the Church born? When Jesus died on the cross.
On what feast did the Holy Spirit come? Pentecost
What did the disciples begin to do after the Spirit came? preach
What proved that all Jesus taught was true? His Resurrection
Who was with the disciples when the Spirit came? Mary
The Spirit came in what form? wind and tongues of fire
Who helped shape the Church and help it grow? The Holy Spirit
In what city did the Holy Spirit come to the disciples? Jerusalem
When was the Church made known to the world? Pentecost
How many people were baptized on the first day? 3000 people
What event is all of Christian faith based on? the Resurrection
What did Peter tell the people they must do to be saved? Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Identify the four ways the early Christian communities were one. One in belief in Jesus and His teachings; One in the Eucharist; One in prayer; one in their love for one another
Name the ways the Spirit helped the first Christians. Gave them power to witness, power to heal, power to work wonders and enlightened them about the life and teachings of Jesus.
Name the ways the Spirit helps the Church today. Inspires us, gives us insights into truth and helps us grow
What are images or views to help us understand mystery of the Church? Models of the Church
Who wrote a book explaining the 6 models of the Church? Avery Dulles
Name the 6 models of the Church. Institution, Mystical Communion, Community of Disciples, Sacrament. Servant, Herald
What is an outward sign that indicates inward grace and an encounter with Christ? Sacrament
What does each image show? A different role of the Church
someone who studies the truths of our faith and tries to understand and explain them better theologian
What do we call the rules that guide the Church Code of Canon Law
Who is the visible representative of Christ on earth? pope
Who are the successors of the apostles? bishops
The leadership of the modern Church is composed of which four groups? Pope, Bishops, Priests, Deacon
A messenger sent to announce something herald
what does Gospel mean? Good News
What does disciple mean? follower
Define domestic church. The family, the Christian Home
Which model? Proclaiming the Good News Herald
Which model? Following Jesus in all situations. Community of Disciples
Which model? Working to make the world a better place. Servant
Which model? Hierarchy Institution
Which model? A sign of the divine Sacrament
Which model? People who love and support one another. Mystical Communion
Which model? tradition Institution
Which model? loving one another in action Servant
Which model? people united in following Jesus Mystical Communion
Which model?The presence and action of God Sacrament
Which model? Enjoying one another's company Mystical Communion
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