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T3Ch1 Words

Chapter 1 Words

The investigation of truths and principles using human reason PHILOSOPHY
The belief in opposition to Christian doctrine, that God and nature are one and the same. PANTHEISM
Worshipping something other than God. IDOLATRY
These Angels watch out for people. GUARDIAN ANGELS
The belief in opposition to Christian doctrine, that there are many gods. POLYTHEISM
A word that literally means “ransom”. Jesus’ Death is the ransom that defeated the powers of evil. REDEMPTION
The story of God’s saving actions in human history. SALVATION HISTORY
The high point in Salvation History, the coming of Christ, the fullness of God’s revelation NEW COVENANT
The way that God communicates knowledge of himself to humankind, a self communication realized by his actions and words over time, most fully by his sending us his divine Son, Jesus Christ DIVINE REVELATION
“The heritage of faith contained in Sacred Scripture and Tradition, handed on in the Church, from the time of the Apostles, from which the Magisterium draws all that it proposes for belief as being divinely revealed” (CCC, Glossary). DEPOSIT OF FAITH
The living transmission of the Church’s Gospel message found in the Church’s teaching, life, and worship. It is faithfully preserved, handed on, and interpreted by the Church’s Magisterium. SACRED TRADITION
In ancient Israel, the people who acted as temporary military leaders as well as arbiters of disputes. These people were also expected to let others their responsibilities to God. JUDGES
Announced in the Protoevangelium, A term for Jesus Christ NEW ADAM
The inspired word of God; the written record of God’s Revelation SACRED SCRIPTURE
The guidance of the Holy Spirit that enabled the human authors to record faithfully, and without error, what God wanted revealed to us for our beliefs INSPIRATION
A term for non Jews GENTILES
The official teaching office of the Church. It’s a group of all the bishops in communion with the successor of Peter, the Bishop of Rome (Pope). Jesus gave Peter, the Apostles, and all of their successors to teach in His name. MAGISTERIUM
God’s plan for living which is written in the very hearts of the way things were created. It means we can understand what is good and what is evil by our own understanding. NATURAL LAW
A term that means, “the first gospel”, which is found in Genesis 3:15, when God revealed he would send a Savior. PROTOEVANGELIUM
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