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World Studies Unit 3

Unit 3 - Vocabulary list

Fall of Rome The collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth century due to attacks by barbarian tribes, poor leaders, inflation, rise of the Catholic Church, and many other factors
Middle Ages The period between the end of the classical age and the Renaissance during the 400’s to about 1500 AD
Nobility A class of persons distinguished by high birth or rank
Knight a military servant of a king or other feudal superior who owes his service of protection
Franks One of the Germanic tribes that eventually settled in what in Gaul (France)
Medieval Of the Middle Ages
Lord a powerful noble who owned a large amount of land
Chivalry The code of conduct of a knight
Charlemagne The son of Pepin, who became the greatest Frankish king and was crown the Holy Roman Emperor
Feudalism The political organization of the Middle Ages where a Lord granted land to a vassal who promised him protection
Vassal The person receiving a grant of land from a lord
Primogeniture The system of inheritance from father to the oldest son
Vikings Scandinavian invaders of western Europe during the 800s and 900s who were feared for their raids
Manor System/ Manorialism The economic system of the Middle Ages that was centered around large farming estates that included manor houses, farming lands, woodlands, pastures, and villages
Serf A peasant that was tied to the land
Fief A grant of land from the Lord to the vasssal
Christianity The religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Interdict The Catholic Church’s punishment of a region involving closing churches and withholding sacraments
Clergy Officials of the Catholic Church (Pope, Cardinal, Archbishop, Bishop, Priest)
Monasticism The way of life in convents and monasteries
Heretic People who disagreed with Church doctrines.
Excommunication Being banned from the Church because of acts of heresy
Eleanor of Acquitaine Wife of Henry II of England who brought French lands to the marriage
William the Conqueror Ruled England from 1066-1087 and required each feudal lord to swear personal loyalty to him
Parliament The representative body of nobles who had to agree to taxes imposed by the king
Magna Carta A document protecting the liberties of the nobles that was forced upon King John in 1215.
Common law The body of laws in England that grew out of the court decisions
Crusades Military expeditions undertaken by European Christians in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims
Muslim a follower of the religion of Islam
Mosque building of worship for members of the Islamic faith, characterized by pointed arches
Saladin A Muslim leader who took control of Jerusalem in the Third Crusade
Allah The Muslim name for God The Muslim name for God
Jerusalem A holy city for Christians, Jews, and Muslims
Pope Urban II He called the First Crusade to recapture the holy land from the Seljuk Turks
Muhammad The Arab prophet and founder of Islam who received a series of revelations from Allah (God)
Trade The exchange of goods which began with the Crusades and continued between Asia and Italy and then Northern Europe, resulted in the growth of markets, banking, and investment – a market economy
Black Death / Bubonic Plague A deadly plague carried from China along sea and land trade routes on black rats and the disease was spread through the bites of fleas
Middle Class The newly formed group of people made up of merchants and master workers who looked to kings for stable trade
Guilds Workers of a common craft or trade who came together to set rules for wages, hours, and working conditions
Vernacular languages of the local country or people (ex. people speak Italian in Italy)
Gothic A style of architecture that is characterized by high pointed arches, large interiors, tall walls supported by flying buttress, and large stained glass windows
Romanesque The style of architecture used in W and S Europe from the 9th to the 12th century, characterized by the rounded arches, thick walls, and small windows
Scholasticism The system of theology and philosophy taught in medieval European universities, based on faith and reason
Flying Buttresses Supports for walls of cathedrals in the Gothic style of architecture allowing the walls to be thinner and higher and contain large stained-glass windows
War of the Roses A fight for England’s throne between the Lancaster and York families. The House of Lancaster won the war and Henry Tudor took the throne, but married a daughter from the House of York.
Hundred Years’ War A fight over France that began when Edward III of England claimed the French and brought his army to Flanders. The war ended with England losing most of France except Calais.
Joan of Arc A young French girls who helped Charles VII claim the throne of France during the Hundred Years’ War
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