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Medical Roots/Stems

Medical/Science Roots/Stem definition

Feli Cats
Fore Situated; or placed in front
Gam leg, especially in reference to the shapeliness of a woman's leg
Gastro Stomach
Gingiv Gums
Gloss Tongue
Gynec/o Female characteristics Women
Gluco/Glyco Sugar or imagine sticky sugar
Hapl Single, simple
Helic Extended spiral chain of atoms in a protein, nucleic acid, or other polymeric molecule
Feline HIV Lentivirus that affects cats worldwide
Forearm Forehead Part of persons arm extending in the front Part of the face above the eyebrows
Gamete Male or female germ cell that is able to unite with another of the opposite sex in sexual reproduction to form a zygote
Gastropod A mollusk of the large class gastropoda, Such as: snails, slugs, or whelks
Gingivitis Inflammation of the gums that is often accompanied by tenderness and bleeding
Glossalgia Pain localized in the tongue, especially neuralgic pain in the tongue
Gynecologist Physical care of the reproductive system of a women
Glycosuria Excessive sugar in the urine, typically associated with diabetes of kidney disease
Haploid Having a single set of unpaired chromosomes
Double Helix Pair of parallel helices intertwined about a common axis, especially that in the structure of the DNA molecule
Created by: jayden hensley