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World History

25 Questions Chapter 13

Who was the strongest ruler of medieval Germany? Otto I
What did Otto become emperor of? Holy Roman Empire
Who did Henry IV become caught in a conflict with? Pope Gregory VII
What is lay investiture? Rulers having the power to to name the bishops who led the Church in their lands
What was the Church taking away that made Henry IV angry? The Church was taking away a kings ability to choose who he wanted to run the Church in his kingdom
What did Gregory do to Henry? He excommunicated Henry
Henry IV begged the pope for forgiveness. Did the Pope forgive him or not? Yes the Pope did forgive him
The agreement of the issue of lay investiture stated what? It stated that only the pope could name bishops
What was the Compromise? The compromise was that the king/emperor had the right to turn down any appointment by the pope that he didn't like
Who was the strong German king that came to power? Fredrick I
What did Fredrick lose? He lost an important battle in 1176.
Fredrick repeatedly invaded cities of what? Italy
Fredrick finally made peace with who? The Pope
Fredrick's empire fell apart and it was broken up into what? Feudal States
What is a lord? A landowner
What is a fief? Land granted by a lord to a vassal
What is a knight? Warrior on horseback who promised to defend his lord's land in exchange for a fief
What is a serf? Peasant who could not lawfully leave the place where he or she was born
What is a manor? Lord's estate
What is a tithe? Church tax; usually one-tenth of a peasant family's income
What was the job of peasants on the manor? Maintained the lords estates by growing crops
What is feudalism? a system of loyalties and protections based on mutual obligations
What was the Pope in charge of? was in charge of spiritual matters
What was the emperor/king in charge of? was in charge of political affairs
What became the most important force in unifying European society? The church
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