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Medieval Times

The effect in Western Europe after Rome fell

What were the main effects after Rome fell? Loss of common language, Disruption of Trade, Downfall of cities,and population shifts
Who was the person who converted the Franks to Christianity? Clovis
What are monasteries? Religious communities
Who built the greatest Empire in Western Europe Charlemagne
What led to the Feudal system? Kingdoms broke down
Who were known as Northmen/Norsemen? The Vikings
Which Viking discovered North America? Leif Ericson
Who invaded the east once viking invasions settled down? Muslims
What was the Feudal system based off of? Rights and Obligations
What was the order in the Feudalism Pyramid? King to vassals to knights to peasants
What were the three groups classified for each class? Those who fought, those who prayed and those who worked
What did the peasants/serfs work for? Protection from the knights
What is a tithe? Church tax
Why did serfs/peasants accept their harsh lives? The were put in that position by God
Who could train to become a knight? A boy of noble birth
How did knights gain experience? Fighting in tournaments
What are the three stages to knighthood? Page, squire and knight
What is chivalry? A code of conduct for kinghts
What were the following values a knight should have? Bravery, honesty, respect, loyalty and compassion
Who did the knights fight for? Their lord, God and their chosen lady
What was the most important force in unifying European Society? The Church
Who was in charge of spiritual matters? The Pope
What was The Middle Ages considered? The Age of Faith
What was a christian serf's main goal? To reach Heaven
What were the two punishments in church Excommunication and Interdiction
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