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World History Test

Chapter 13 Test

To become a paige, you have to be how old? 7 years old
To start to train to be a knight, you must be a what? Noble boy
A paige becomes a squire at the age of _____. 14
What were the two harsh punishment that the church could put someone under? Excommunication and interdiction
Below the king in the social class were the ______. Nobles
A squire becomes a knight at the age of ____. 21
Knights had ____ things that they were to serve and protect. 3
It was believed that God had made ___ areas of influence in the world. 2
The Middle Ages was considered an Age of _____ because people were bound together by their belief in God and the teachings of the church. Faith
During the Middle Ages, the main goal in life was to reach _____. heaven
Greek and Roman ______ was lost as kingdoms decreased. knowledge
The Christian Church built religious communities called ______. monasteries
The _____ were Germanic people who were in power in the Roman province of Gaul. Franks
When Pepin the Short became "king by the grace of God," this began the _______ Dynasty. Carolingian
The leader who brought Christianity to the Franks was _____. Clovis
Created by: 19tmyack