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Ch. 13 quiz 25 quest

What is the synonym for serf? peasant
What was a manor? a lords estate
a tithe was a payment made to what type of person? a priest
what are the social classes in order? king, noble, church officials, knights peasants
why did the serfs rarely have to leave their manor? it had almost everything needed for daily life.
knights were rarely punished for what? brutality to the weak (women, serfs etc.)
what were troubadours? poet-musicians
what did knights most commonly traded military service for? land
who knight was expected to fight bravely for? three masters including... his chosen lady
how were noble and poor women alike? both considered inferior and had no power
what were the troubadours songs about? joys and sorrows of romantic love
what were the main duties for a knight? fighting
what did kings, lords, vassals, knights, and noble women all live in. castles
what was a women's role in medieval society? they had very little power, were taught that they were inferior to men by the church, and were limited to activities in the home
what was the code of conduct for the knights? chilvary
what were staged or mocked battles called for entertaining audiences? tournaments
what is the the second stage of knighthood called? squire
what did knights often use a lot of their newly acquired wealth for? weapons, armor, saddles, stirrups, and horses
who was allowed to train to become a knight in the middle ages? a boy of noble birth
what was the first step of knighthood called? paige
what set of values did chivalry follow? bravery, honesty, loyalty, and courteous
what were long poems that were often stories about legendary kings called? epics
how did peasant women live? they had no power, worked in the fields, took care of their families, and struggles to survive
how did noble women live? they could sometimes rule the land when their husbands were away from home, could not inherit land, but their main role was to take care of their home and children.
in the feudal system a tithe represented what part of a peasants income? 10 percent
Created by: alexfragala