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Ch.13 Quiz

25 question quiz for chapter 13

Feudalism is a system of loyalties and protections based on mutual obligations
what is a lord's estate? a manor
what were the 3 main groups of feudal society? those who worked, those who fought and those who prayed.
Why did people need to turn to local leaders for help? There was no strong central government and they needed protection from attacks.
What is a fief? Land granted by a lord to a vassal.
what is a vassal? a lesser lord
Who were the only people that could read and write? the church
What was the most dominant institution? the church
Why did serfs accept their economic hardships? the thought that that was God's purpose for their lives.
What was a serf's main goal? to reach heaven
what is an example of the mutual obligations of the feudal system? Lord gave land to nobles for protection and nobles gave land to serfs for their labor.
What is a church tax paid to the priest? a tithe
Who were the mounted horseman who pledged to defend their lords' lands in exchange for their own land. knights
Why didn't people need to leave the manor? it was self-sufficient
What was a knight's code of conduct called? Chivalry
What were the 3 steps to becoming a knight? page, squire, knight
Why was Charles Martel's victory at the battle of Tours important? protected the Franks from being taken under Muslim control.
What was Charlemagne's major achievement? he was able to unite the Germanic kingdoms one more time
What kind of power did the church become? a secular power. It got involved with worldly affairs.
Name one of the effects of Germanic invasons Disruption of trade, Downfall of cities, population shifts, decline of learning, and loss of common language.
What were most songs and stories about? Romantic love; a lot of songs and poems about knights and their chosen lady. Joys and sorrows of love.
How did knights gain fighting experience? by fighting in local tournaments or staged fights
Who were the 3 masters a knight had to fight for? their lord, God, and their chosen lady
What were the church's two major punishments? Excommunication: when an individual was denied from the church and condemned to hell for all eternity. Interdiction: when a ruler disobeyed the church could shut down all religious activities so no one could reach heaven.
What was the law of the church? The canon law
In what years did the time period of European Middle Ages exist? 500-1500 AD
Created by: jmckoy