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Chapter 13 Test

25 question quiz for homework

What is the code of conduct? Chivalry
At age 7 a young boy became a_____ Squire
What were women taught by the Church? That they were inferior to men.
The ability to deny people sacraments, church burial and the entrance to heaven. Excommunication
Another name for the Norsemen was... The Vikings
The middle ages was a period from about___ to _____ AD. 500 to 1500
What is a ceremony celebrated for when kings and nobles appointed church officials? lay investiture
Poets and musicians that entertained nobles about a knights life as well as the joys and sorrows of romantic life. Troubadors
Mock battles for knights to practice their fighting skills. tournaments
Worldly affairs such as day to day life, politics, and government. Secular
The two groups that did not hold as much power in the middle ages was_____ and _______. serfs and women
serfs were ______ to the land and were not considered ______. bound, slaves
A typical thing found on a manor. farmland, castle, serf village, church, forests
First step to knighthood. Page, age 7
Second step to knighthood. Squire, age 14
Third step to knighthood. Knight, age 21
When Fredrick died, his empire______. fell apart
____ were long poems. epics
Noblewomen could not inherit______. land
Many stories _______ the life of a knight and life in a _______. glorified, castle
What do they call a church tax payed to the priest? tithe
What is land granted by a landowner? fief
The ____ is a lords estate. manor
What was the ethnic background of the Vikings? Germanic
A tithe represented __% of a peasant's income. 10
Created by: 19jravennati