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Carnegie Medico-Lega

Medico-Legal Term. Med. Law&Ethics (Fall2014) What to know quiz2

The performance of an improper action. Malfeasance
The impromper performance of an action which is approved. Misfeasance
Failure to perform an approved action. Nonfeasance
A crime less serious than a felony. Misdemeanor
Not of sound mind; insane. Any mental derangement. Non Compos Mentis
The person who complains; the accuser; he who brings suit. Plaintiff
A person who, even if not present, is related with the performance of a felonious act (crime). Accessory
The use of force or violence upon the person of another "Treatment without consent". Battery
Negligence on the part of the plaintiff which is proximate (probable) cause of or contributing to the patient's injury. Contributory Negligence
The accused: he who denies or defends against the accusations of another. Defendant
The cause of the injury was closely related to the defendant's negligence. Proximate Cause
An exception to the hearsay rule. Evidence admissible even though may be "hearsay". Res Gestae
"The thing speaks for itself". Obvious charge. Circumstantial evidence doctrine: nature of the injury strongly or obviously implicates negligence. Res Ipsa Loquitur
Defamation of character by verbal statements. Slander
The order which states you are required to bring also any books, documents or other things under his control, and to procude them as evidence. Subpoena Duces Tecum
Written testimony; under oath, in response to enterrogation (written and/or oral questioning). Deposition
Minor whose parents have surrendered all rights/ claims, in relation to him. Generally regarded as able to consent for themselves. A married, divorced or pregnant minor. Emancipated Minor
One entrusted by the law with the care and/or property of another. Guardian
Bound or obliged by law; resposnible; chargeable Liable
"Holding the Place" A deputy, substitute, lieutenant or representative. Locum Tenens
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