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chapter 29 study guide

Why can Athens be called a city of contrasts? -because people lived in small, uncomfortable houses that lined narrow streets. Yet the city’s public spaces and buildings were large stately, and beautiful.
In what ways did Greek gods and goddesses play an important part in the lives of the Athenians?What were the Greek gods and goddesses like? -Athenians ask them for advice, and help(traveling). -each god goddess had power over a particular area of life. Sometimes Greeks asked them for advice or help.
What were the Greek gods and goddesses like? -they looked and acted like humans but did not grow old or die.
Why did the Greeks go to Delphi? -ask questions. -Greeks went to Delphi to get advice from Apollo through the oracle.
What was the Parthenon? -it is one of beautiful temples in Greece, the Parthenon was built on a long rectangular platform.There were 8 columns across both the front and back, and 17 along each side. -the Parthenon was a temple built to honor Athena
lable the parts of the Parthenon top:pediments middle:frieze(all around) bettom:column
lable three different type of column simplist:doric middle:lonic most complex:Corinthian
How did Athenian sculpture change over the years? -later Greek sculptors created much more realistic statues in natural poses with more detailed muscles, hair, and clothing
Who was Phidias? what did he do? -He designed the figures that line the top of the Parthenon. He also sculpted the statue of Athena that stood inside the temple. -he designed the figures at the top of the Parthenon and sculpted the statue of Athena that was inside the Parthenon.
-he is one of the most famous sculptors. Phidias
List three ways Greek drama differed from plays and movies of today. 1.no women, men play all the parts 2.wear masks 3.have chorus 4.open-air theaters 5.last for days 6.part of competitions 7.can wins things 8.it relied upon the chorus to help explain and expound the story.
What do philosophers do? -they discuss the world around them, they talk about nature, trading ideas about what the natural world was made of and how it worked. they also talk about things they couldn’t see, such as the meaning of the life, justice, truth, and beauty.
How did Socrates try to teach others? -they teach others by ask questions that force them to think about their beliefs. (what is the good life for a man? what is truth? How do you know)
who is socrates? the most gretest philosophy.
What happened to Socrates? -the jury found him guilty and he died by drinking the juice of a poisonous plant. -he was put to death, His enemies accused him of not knowing the gods and leading young people into error and disloyalty
What was the purpose of athletic events in Greece: -to honor the gods and goddesses. -they showed the importance of a healthy body and honored the gods and goddesses
Describe one Panathenaic event that is part of our present Olympics. -wrestling ,foot races, boxing , or wrestling
Describe one Panathenaic event that is not part of our present Olympics. -chariot races, races in full armor, or the pancratium.
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