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LCHS_Ch 15 Bone

Diagnostic & Pathological Terms

EWING SARCOMA Malignant bone tumor; tumor usually occurs at an early age.
FRACTURE tramatic breaking of a bone
CLOSED fracture when a bone is broken but there is no open wound in the skin.
OPEN fracture when a bone is broken and a fragment of the bone protrudes through an open wound in the skin
EXOSTOSIS bony growth arising from the surface of a bone.
COMMINUTED type of fracture where the bone is splintered or crushed into several pieces.
COMPRESSION type of fracture where the bone is compressed.
GREENSTICK type of fracture where the bone is partially broken; broken on one surface and bends on the other.
IMPACTED type of fracture in which one fragment is driven firmly into the other.
REDUCTION treatment of a fracture where the bone is restored to its normal position.
CAST a solid mold of a body part that is applied to fractures to immobilize the injured bone.
OSTEOGENTIC SARCOMA malignant tumor arising from bone. Overmultiplying of bone forming osteoblasts cells.
OSTEOMALACIA softening of bone with inadequate amounts of mineral (calcium) in the bone
OSTEOMYELITIS inflammation of the bone and bone marrow secondary to infection
OSTEOPOROSIS decrease in bone density (mass); thinning and weakening of bone.
KYPHOSIS posterior curvature in the thoracic region of the spine
LORDOSIS anterior curvature in the lumbar region of the spine
SCOLIOSIS the spinal column is bent abnormally to the side.
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