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Medical Assisting

Stack #169998

The process of assisting a pt to regain a state of health and the highest level of function possible. Rehabilitation
Process of pus formation due to infection. Suppuration
A physician who specializes in rehabilitation and physical medicine. Physiatrist
To apply pressure with the hands. Massage
The use of heat-inducing wavelengths to provide therapy and muscle relaxation. Diathermy
Redness of the skin. Erythema
The accumulation of hardened and crusty pus, fluid, or serum in a tissue or cavity. Exudate
A type of test, or series of tests to evaluate or determine the extent of an illness or disease. Diagnostic
An artificial body part. Prosthesis
Medical speciality of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Physiatry
The paralysis of all four extremities. Quadriplegia
Disease that results in a reduction of bone mass. Osteoporosis
An inflammation of the bursa between the bony prominences and muscles or tendons. Bursitis
An inflammatory disease of the central nervous system causing progressive weakness and numbness which generally strikes adults between ages 20 and 40. Multiple Sclerosis
A nonprogressive type of paralysis due to defects in the brain or birth trauma. Cerebral Palsy
Exercise in which the pt applies movement while another person applies resistance. Used for muscle building and strength. Active Resistance
Turning outward. Eversion
Movement toward the midline of the body. Adduction
To turn the palm or hand anteriorly. Supination
To turn downward or backward. Pronation
To turn inward. Inversion
"Father of Modern Anatomy" Andreas Vesalius
The 19th-century surgeon who introduced the antiseptic system in surgery. Joseph Lister
Another name for childbed fever. Puerperal Sepsis
Physicians in ancient Babylon practiced under a code for the practice of medicine that included severe penalties for malpractice. This is known as the Code of... Hammurabi
The 20th-century physician who accidentally discovered penicillin. Alexander Fleming
The physician who discovered insulin. Frederick Banting
Dr. Walter Reed helped to conquer the disease... Yellow Fever
One of the medicinal remedies from very early times that is still used today to treat heart patients. Nitroglycerine
Clara Barton established what organization when she became aware of the need for support services for the Civil War soldiers? American Red Cross
A New York City physician who founded a school for training persons to work in the medical office. Mandl
Who established the science of bacteriology and discovered that decay was caused by bacteria? Louis Pasteur
The analysis of the skills performed by medical assistants is contained in the... Role Delineation Study
What type of health insurance offers subscribers, or members, complete medical care in return for a fixed monthly fee? Health Maintenance Organization(HMO)
A medical specialist who is trained to administer both local and general grugs to induce a loss of feeling. Anesthesiologist
Another name for an otorhinolaryngologist. ENT
CEU means Continuing Education Unit
The American Association of Medical Assistants(AAMA) was founded in... 1959
The type of health care facility that provides health care to individuals who are not hospitalized is referred to as... Ambulatory Care
The three categories of hospitals are... General, Research, and Teaching
The number of individual cases of a disease within a defined population. Morbidity Rate
In addition to the National Board Medical Examination, A physician can be licensed by passing an examination offered by the... State Government
The initials "DO" stand for Doctor of Osteopathy
The first female physician in the United States. Elizabeth Blackwell
Designation used to identify reimbursement per condition in a hospital. DRG
A Fee-for-service insurance program that is not based on prepayment and generally does not restrict the choice of providers? Preferred Provider Organization(PPO)
A predetermined fee that a member of the HMO agrees to pay for health care services. Capitation Rate
A government agency that alerts the medical profession to potential outbreaks of disease such as influenza. Centers for Disease Control(CDC)
A real or imaginary wrong regarded as the cause for a complaint. Grievance
What law affects the hiring of a new employee? Equal Employment Opportunity Act(EEOA)
A systems approach to office management. Integrating Functions
Arranging staff vacation coverage is usually the responsibility of the... Office Management
The purpose of a performance evaluation is to... Positively encourage the continued improvement of the employee's performance.
Employee records must be kept for all of the following EXCEPT Net Salary
Patient instruction booklets should be used... To standardize instructions
An employee handbook would contain job descriptions for all employees EXCEPT Physician
A small payment for a professional service, such as giving a speech. Honorarium
A new employee's probationary period is usually Three Months
Seniority refers to the person in the organization who Has been with the company the longest.
In a typical medical office, the in-basket, containing mail and laboratory reports, is emptied Once a day
Patient information booklets are designed to Augment patient education
The Patient's Bill of Rights Were devoloped by the American Hospital Association(AHA)
Complete patient confidentially, unless directed by a court of law, in regard to their medical record. Medical Patient's Rights Act
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