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World History

Absolutism form of government with unlimited power held by one individual
How did monarchs gain power? -decreasing power of the church -decreasing power of the nobles -increase economy
Peter the Great -westernized Europe -taxed men with beards
Catherine the Great -last absolute monarch -believed all were created EQUAL -opinion changed during peasant uprising
Scientific Revolution complete change in views and government
Ptolemy Earth was the center (geocentric theory) God placed the earth
Copernicus Sun was the center (heliocentric theory) Earth was one of several planets
Philosophes Believed in reason/apply reason to everything
Salon gatherings for rich people to discuss new theories and ideas
Deism Believed in God but rejected organized religion Follow reason other than teachings of the church
Voltaire -Most famous philosopher -Challenged the idea that everything happens for the best
Hobbes -Attacked divine right -Humans were driven by passion and needed to be in check by a powerful ruler
Locke -People have natural rights -If government takes it away rebel
Rousseau -Social contract -man is good but civilization corrupts
Montesquieu -Separation of powers
James l didn't want absolute monarch Major problems with that- authority, money, religion
Petition of Rights things king charles could not do
Outcome of English Civil War constitutional monarchy
national assembly attacked divine right
Bonaparte -became France's leader -made himself a dictator
Declaration of the Rights of Man equality of citizens before law
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