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Unit 8Age of Discov

Unit 8 Age of Discovery SSWH 10 , Pearson WH text Topic 11

Why was Zheng He important? He led 7 Chinese overseas explorations.
Which explorer first crossed the Atlantic and opened the West for exploration? Christopher Columbus
For what accomplishment was Magellan known? His crew was first to circumnavigate the world.
What was the global exchange of food, plants, and animals during the colonization of the Americas? Columbian Exchange
How was the astrolabe an improvement in exploration technology? It was an instrument used in navigation and helped determine latitude.
Why was the caravel an important development in navigation? It was able to sail against the wind.
Whose rule ended the period of warring states in Japan? Oda Nobunaga
What was the foreign trade policy of both the Ming and Qing dynasty? Trade was restricted to a few ports during a short trading season.
How did the Tokugawa shogunate compare with European feudalism? Both had decentralized governments.
What were the causes of the 18th century population boom in China? Irrigation and fertilizer use increased the food supply.
How did the population boom affect the people of Qing China? Wealthy families lost land wealth and women declined in status as sons were favored over daughters.
Which group prospered as the population rose in Japan? Merchants prospered.
What improved technology led to increased exploration? magnetic compass, sextant, improved maps, caravels
Why were Europeans looking for new sea routes to East Asia? in search of direct trade routs for gold and spices from East Asia.
What were key developments that helped Europeans increase exploration? advances in technology, such as the caravel, astrolabe and accurate maps; and the increase in innovations and desire to explore spurred by the Renaissance
Which European first discovered a water route around Africa to the Indian Ocean that later provided trade routes to Asia? Dias
Which European sailed westward and inspired other Europeans to explore the New World leading to increased competition between Portugal and Spain? Columbus
What key factor led to the defeat of the Aztec Empire? Cortes and the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs
Who was responsible for the defeat of the Inca? Pizarro
What were effects of early European exploration? increased exchange of goods and ideas, European claims on territories, improved maps and navigational tools
Why did US slave owners take more care to ensure the health of their slaves/ Healthy slaves could reproduce and naturally increase in number, but replacing slaves who died cost the owners more money.
Created by: rblakecchs