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EXAM #1 Hinduism

Comparituve Religion

Indra King of the gods; also a warrior associated with thunderstorms
Agni God of fire
Varuna Lord of order; or "rita"
Brihshapti Patron deity of brahmins
Devi The goddess/ highest god
Durga Warrior aspect of the divine mother / brahman (Supreme absolute god head)
Yama Lord of death
Soma God of the drink consumed during fire sacrifice
Purusha the divine person
Mantra Sacred word or formula
Karma/ Karman Action
Veda Means "knowledge" and these text contained into necessary to the performance of sacred fire rituals.
Big Veda Samhita Contains 10 books of humans to various deities
The Sama Veda Samhita Book of songs based on the Big Veda
Yajur Veda contains short prose formulae and verses.
Atharva Veda Collection of hymns and magical formulae , many of which aren't related to sacrifice rituals.
Tantrism Theism merged w/ yoga to form the esoteric systems
FOUR ASHRAHMAS 1. Student- Parents are the first teachers, then the guru comes along 2. House Holder- Marriage, family, and profession 3. Forest Dweller- After the kids grown dad retires to the forest for illumination
FOUR ASHRAMAS CONT... Sannyasa- Complete reunification, leaving family, performing ones own funeral, becoming an ascetic or sannyasin
Vishnu Supreme deity for many Hindus associated with 10 incarnations, known as the perserver.
Shira Supreme deity for many Hindus: God of Yoga, known as god of creation and destination
Bhrama Creator of God
Brahman The absolute
Shiva Nataraja Lord of dance
Bhagavad Gita Story apart of the Mahabharata, the story of Damayman
Darshan A "vision" of the divine throughout the medium of darshan "Distant vision" exp. TV
Mahabharata Two branches of a royal family vie for the rulership of India (Bharat)
Ramayna The story of Lord Rama, who must conquer the demon Ravana, to restore the peace to the world.
Hinduism This term is of recent origin, having been applied mostly by westerners to denote the majority religion of India
Dharma Law, Duty, Justice
Brahmins Priestly castle
Devas Deity
Brahamans Text explaining the performance and meaning of the vedie rituals
Upanishads The last and best known of these additions; that develop earlier ideas explaining the true nature; means "sitting down near"
Purana Old books
Puja Worship
Murti Embodiment of the divine, image
Guru Spiritual teachers
Chakras "circle" centers along the subtle spinal channel in Tantra
Gunas Inherent qualities of the universe
Shakti The feminime divine power
Varna The four castes
Atman Individual self
Shruti "That which is heard" revelation
Yoga discipline
Moksha liberation from the cycle of rebirth
Mandala Diagram used in meditation
Yantra Diagram used to aid meditation. The patterns represent the cosmos and the process of creation.
Lingam Nonrepresentational image of Shiva
Yoni Nonrepresentational image of Devi
Purusha Conciousness that partners prakriti in creation.
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